Agadir Beach and Souk

Agadir is full of mystery and charm and offers a wealth of sights and sounds. A few days in Agadir just isn’t enough. Make sure you book your Holiday Home for at least a week to make sure you have enough time to do everything that is on offer. First on the Agenda has to be the Agadir Beach and Souk.

Book yourself into the stunning Agadir Marina where you will find a selection of superb penthouses and apartments. View our Agadir Marina Holiday Apartments and Penthouses. Start your day with an incredible breakfast down at Le Blanc Bar. Here you can sit out on the open terrace as the morning sun rises in height and temperature whilst gazing across the Ocean. The bar has Wi-Fi so if you need to pick up your e-mails or brag to family and friends on Facebook then now is the perfect time to do it. You will be too busy later.

Fantastic huge sandy Agadir Beach in Morocco

Fantastic huge sandy Agadir Beach in Morocco, literally next door to Agadir Marina

If you prefer to start your morning with a bang and fitness is your thing then you have two choices.  The first and often most preferable is a run along the soft yellow sand of Agadir Beach which stretches for as far as the eye can see. Depending on what time you get up you can have the entire beach to yourself.  The Agadir Marina is just a 10 second jog from the beach. On your way back you can pick yourself up a fruit juice from Venetia Ice on the Marina. Alternatively, pick up a freshly baked pastry or cake to give you that energy boost from the Maroc cafe.

Before the sun reaches its zenith and the only thing you want to do is relax in the sunshine it is time to head off to the Agadir Souk. You can pick up a taxi outside the marina gates. You will have a choice of a big white Mercedes or a red Peugeot 206; both of which make for an interesting journey.

On arrival at the Souks entrance you will be greeted by some of the locals who portray themselves as guides and guarantee to get you the best deals and show you round the Souk. It is down to personal choice as to whether you take them up on their offer and pay the going rate for a Souk guide. I found we got along fine without one.

On entering the Souk you will be greeted by stall after stall of the most colourful, different and exotic fruit and vegetables you have ever seen. You have to buy come of the produce to appreciate the wondrous taste but make sure you pick the goods yourself or you will end up with the oldest pieces going.

As you move through the Souk you will be mesmerised by the iridescent spices that have to be seen to be believed. You will be greeted by the strangest of animals which the store holders love to put on your shoulder. The animal section of the Souk is simply mind blowing but certainly not for the faint hearted or animal activists amongst us.

Clothes, jewellery, pottery, leather bags, wallets, boots, shoes, hats, watches, ornaments you name it, it is here.  You have not been to Agadir unless you have to been to the Souk. You will, however, be glad of the ice cold drink back on the loungers at Le Blanc bar or on your private terrace in your apartment or penthouse to refresh you.

All that is left to do is to sit back and enjoy the best commodity that Morocco has to offer and that I the sunshine.

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