Bodrum: festivals and carnivals

What makes the difference between a good villa holiday and a great villa holiday? We’d say it’s when you get the chance to attend local festivals and mix with the local population. When you attend these festivals you really start to feel involved: you learn about the culture and traditions of the region and start to play an active part in the experience. Bodrum has a deserved reputation for hosting some memorable festivals, and if you get the chance to experience one of these, we guarantee that it will make your villa holiday even more memorable.

Fire of Anatolia Festival

The well-known arts festival, the Fire of Anatolia, will be held at the antique theatre in Bodrum on the 27th July, 2013. The show celebrates the meeting of Eastern and Western cultures and is a celebration of universal peace portrayed through dance and music. It features folk dances, ballet, modern dance and other dance forms to offer what organisers are claiming will be a cultural feast. The Fire of Anatolia will focus on mythological and cultural history. tickets are expected to sell out.

The show was first performed in 1999 to sell-out audiences, and has remained one of the most popular attractions in Bodrum’s calendar ever since. It still attracts sell-out audiences, so it is advisable to book in advance if you want to attend. Tickets are on sale from Biletix ranging from 49 to 85 Turkish lira. (

Summer Tango Festival

T2013 sees the third year of the Summer Tango Festival in Bodrum. It is run in partnership with Istanbul Tango Fest. The primary focus is on fun and collaboration, and bringing the art of tango together with holidays in a summer resort with sun and sea. The Festival will be held in Bardakci Bay. Activities on offer include boat trips, live performances with an orchestra, pool days, workshops, performance, classes, guest artists, DJ’s and historical tours.

International Bodrum Carnival

The carnival will take place from September 9 to 16th. The International Bodrum Carnival is for many the highlight of Bodrum’s festival calendar. 2013 will see the third running of the carnival and it is expected to attract audiences in excess of 20,000. The carnival is organised by the Bodrum culture and arts community (BKST), and the aim of the festival is to reflect the art, history and culture of the Bodrum area.

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