Do You Need a Spanish Administrator?

Property owners!  Do you need a Spanish administrator?

Many expats moving to Spain come to the conclusion – ‘we can pay everything ourselves and do everything ourselves!’

Fair enough and good luck to them, many people can, they are good at it, actually enjoy doing it and learn a little of the Spanish ways and the language along the way.

Equally .some people can´t pay the bills and take care of the day to day admin and legislation involved with owning a home in Spain.

The truth is they really shouldn’t be involved at all; and to be involved and have to worry about such things actually spoils their enjoyment of owning what is, after all, supposed to be a holiday home.

Such people should enlist the expert help of a Spanish administrator.  Not a lawyer, but often in terms of expertise and day to day advice almost as good.

These days Panoramic Villas are finding more and more that none payment/late payment of electricity and water means your home is at risk of being cut off.   The once tolerant and seemingly ‘Manana’ Spanish have toughened up and want paying.  If you are cut off, maybe even had your meter taken away you will surely wish that you had enlisted the help of an administrator to prevent this from happening.

Many owners tell us their administrator is invaluable.  Taxes, speeding fines, utility bills, car problems, selling your home… administrators can offer advice on all of these things.

An administrator need not cost a mint, usually you pay them a monthly or quarterly agreed amount to take care of your affairs and offer advice while you soak up the sun; it is certainly worth the cost for peace of mind.

In the Fuengirola and Mijas area Panoramic Villas have clients who use the below company and have done for many years, with great success and trust.


Administraciones Paz & Piñeiro

Calle Emancipación 26

29640 Fuengirola



Tel 0034 952 471380


The ladies in charge are Alison Paz Barkby and Sue Paz Barkby.  These are highly honourable, knowledgeable ladies who have lived and worked in Spain all their lives.

If you are a home owner and live local to the Fuengirola or Mijas area and little outlay would be worth it for a little less worry and bit more peace of mind why not drop the ladies an email… Just mention Panoramic Villas.

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