Heat Your Pool with Solar Energy

SOLAR ENERGY, One of the very few things in life that’s FREE..

So why not use it?  In Kissimmee, Florida more and more of our home owners are realising that to heat the swimming pool will cost money, lots of money year after year.  With rising gas and electricity prices one thing is for sure; the cost of heating your pool will not drop any time soon.

In the sunshine state why not use the sunshine to heat you pool?  It’s the cleanest, quietest, cheapest method and it is guaranteed never to increase in price.  Panoramic Villas property owners on Veranda Palms, Kissimmee have recently had solar panels fitted by Superior Solar (details below), they are neatly and discreetly  designed solar roof panels and  the owners are delighted with the results .

David Spanier from Superior Solar explained that 65-75% yearly savings would be realistic with the solar, yesterday, in July, the pools on Veranda Palms were 89 degrees Fahrenheit so no need for any additional heating.  The solar system is sized to add up to 14 degrees F to the water temperature dramatically reducing the need for back up in the autumn, winter and spring.

In the cooler months the purchase of a water cover will keep the heat in overnight and again almost eliminate the need for any other costly form of  heating.  Gas or electric would only be needed to add just a few degrees to the top.

If you think ahead to another 2 years down the road your solar panels will have paid for themselves and heating will continue to be free.

All planning and permissions are done as part of the deal by Superior Solar and the quality of work is professional, neat and fast and need not disturb your clients.  Two systems fitted on Veranda Palms recently were both completed and up and running in an afternoon.

Interested ?…why not view Superior Solar´s website at or email David Spanier from Superior Solar direct on David.Spanier@superiorsolar.com.

Solar Panels

Solar Panels on Veranda Palms Villas, Florida

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