How to get the Best Pictures of Your Villa

Having great pictures of your villa or apartment is the first (and arguably the most important) step in attracting holidaymakers to your holiday home.  You may think you are the next David Bailey but there are some mistakes and oversights we see time and time again that don’t make for great photographs.

Follow our easy step by step guide below on how to get the best pictures of your Villa to ensure you get those bookings your holiday Home deserves:

  1. Use a good camera.  As good as smart phone pictures are these days they don’t compare to photographs taken with a good camera.  If you don’t own one try and borrow a decent digital camera so that your pictures look crisp and clear.
  2. Choose a nice sunny day to take pictures.  Everything looks so much more appealing with the sun shining.  Keep curtains open to show how much light comes in to the rooms.
  3. Turn on lights and lamps in each room to make them as bright as possible.
  4. Take the time to ‘dress’ your home before you take pictures.  A table laid with wine glasses, candles etc looks far more attractive than an empty one.  Make sure all the beds are made and have fresh towels out in the bathrooms- you want your home to look clean and inviting.
  5. Make sure the pool is clean and don’t have pool covers or kids toys strewn all over the patio or garden! The pool needs to look as big and enticing as possible so get down on your knees and take a shot from the end of the pool across the expanse of water. It will look great, trust us!
  6. Mow the grass if you have a garden and make sure the plants and hedges looks well kept.
  7. Remove your personal belongings from the kitchen sides and coffee tables.  You may love your collection of porcelain dolls but other may not want to holiday with them!
  8. Don’t stand in front of mirrors to take pictures!  Seeing your reflection in the shot looks very unprofessional and amateur.  It is also easy to get shadows of yourself on pictures so watch out for this in the sunshine.
  9. Keep family members out of the pictures!  Your great aunt Sally may have had a great time floating about on that lilo in Spain but we don’t want to see the snaps to prove it!  These pictures need to sell your property, not your family.
  10. Don’t park the car smack bang in the middle of the driveway.  People need to see the whole of the front of the property to get the wow factor.  Move the car!
  11. Put away all your mops, buckets etc.  They are easy to miss but they look messy on pictures.
  12. Try taking pictures from different angles.  Standing on a chair on getting down onto the floor and taking pictures from low down gives rooms scale and size.

We hope you find this helpful.  You can now load your own pictures on to your property listings so there is no excuse for having bad photos of your property on our site!  If you need some inspiration why not check out our range of villas and apartments now.

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