How to Make Your Money go Further on Holiday

How to make your money go further on holiday by Panoramic Villas

There is no getting away from the fact that going on holiday is pretty expensive. Flights, accommodation, car hire, eating out… the costs can soon mount up. However, there are ways to ensure your money goes further…

Get the Best Rate on Your Travel Money

Going to your local Bureaux de Change or Post Office and accepting the first exchange rate they offer is no longer the savvy way to get your travel money. There are now hundreds of options when it comes to where to get your money exchanged; from online brokers to supermarkets. The key thing is to shop around. Look out for any hidden charges like postage costs if you are ordering your currency online and leave plenty of time to get your currency too. Leaving it until you get to the airport is the worst thing you can do as you will be charged high rates of commission here.

Get a Pre-Paid Travel Card

Pre-paid cards are increasingly popular because not only are they a secure way to carry your currency but they also reduce the risk of overspending when you are on holiday.

Pre-paid cards work just like any other credit cards, you can withdraw money and use them to make purchases, but because you load the card with the amount of cash you want before you travel you won’t incur fees or charges like you might on a credit card. If you are on a budget these cards are great as you can load on just as much as you can afford to spend and stick to that amount.

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Don’t wait to make Purchases at the Airport

It’s not just currency that you will pay a premium for at the airport, lots of other items are more expensive too. Travel accessories like plug adaptors, aeroplane comfort pillows and insect repellents are generally readily available in budget supermarkets or pound shops these days so there is little point in spending much more on them at the airport.

Even perfumes and beauty products are generally cheaper on online stores these days than in airport duty free shops. If you are travelling within Europe there is no such thing as ‘tax free’ these days anyway and while you may snap up the odd bargain check the price of your favourite perfume online before you travel and see if you can get it cheaper elsewhere.

Food is also incredibly expensive at the airport or on ‘budget’ airlines so you may want to visit the supermarket beforehand and bring some snacks with you. While liquids cannot be taken through security, there is no ban on taking food through so bring your own!

Book a Villa Rather than a Hotel

Generally a quality villa will cost you less than a quality hotel room, especially if you are travelling in a larger group so that you can spread the cost between you. Villas are also better equipped for self-catering which can save you money if you don’t want to spend money dining out every evening. Not only that, villas also have better facilities you won’t find in hotels (or you will have to share with hundreds of other guests) like private pools, games rooms, gyms and entertainment systems. Don’t delay, Book your Panoramic Villa today!

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