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We all know that holidays are about chilling out and enjoying yourself.  However, we also know that dreaded feeling when you return from your holiday to discover you can no longer fit into your jeans and you’ve put on half a stone in weight!

Overindulging on ice creams, beer and local cuisine can leave you feeling a bit rotund!  That healthy glow you pick up on holiday would look even better if you were fit and toned…Well, Panoramic Villas are here to help!

We have our own ‘Panoramic Personal Trainer’ to ensure the Keeping Fit on Holiday is easy and enjoyable.  Our Panoramic Personal Trainer is a fully qualified fitness instructor who is going to post all the latest diet and fitness tips on our site so that you can reap the benefits.  We’ll also give you some great, simple exercises to do from your sun lounger (well almost) so that you can return from your holidays looking amazing.   Parading your tan will be even better when you’ve got tight abs and a pert bum!  Men, you won’t be heading home with a beer belly, instead you’ll be showing off bulging biceps!

Watch this space for the first instalment of tips and advice from your ‘Panoramic Personal Trainer.’

To get things started here are a few easy ways to avoid piling on the pounds while you’re on holiday…

Walk.  It’s a great way to explore your holiday resort and discover hidden treasures.  Instead of lazing by the pool all day why not walk along the coast and find your own spot of secluded beach?

Swim.  When do you ever get a better opportunity to swim than when you’re on holiday?!  Whether you have your own private pool at your villa or a communal pool, swimming outdoors in the sunshine beats taking a dip in the leisure centre hands down!

Try out a new sport.  Always wanted to try windsurfing or mountain biking?  Now is your chance!  All of our holiday resorts have lots of sports on offer so give them a go!

Swap the beers for Bacardi!  Everyone likes a refreshing drink on holiday but swigging back beers can leave you with a barrel belly so why not have a refreshing G&T or Bacardi and coke instead.  Just make sure your mixers are ‘diet’ to keep sugar levels down.

A healthy breakfast kick starts your metabolismEat breakfast.  We’ve all heard the saying that ‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day’ and research has shown this to be true.  Eating breakfast kick starts your metabolism and stop you from getting hungry and snacking on unhealthy foods.  There’s no rushing around getting ready for work on holiday so why not make the most of this by sitting on your terrace and enjoying a leisurely breakfast that will set you up for the day ahead?

Our Panoramic personal trainer is busy putting together some great exercise programmes and more detailed tips on how to stay healthy so watch this space…

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