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Always quality first by Panoramic Villas

It’s no secret that there are much larger, direct from the owner, villa websites out there. However, the simple fact is that these websites are purely volume driven; the more holiday homes they list, the more money they will make; regardless on the quality of that holiday home. Quite naturally they will list as many properties as they can.

So, whilst it may seem that there are thousands of properties on offer, the question is what condition are they in? These larger rental websites don’t bother to meet the owners, they don’t bother to fly out to view the property to ensure that the property is what the owner says it is and they have no means of verifying that the owner is who they say they are.

At Panoramic Villas on the Costa del Sol, Turkey and Florida we have property in the key areas ourselves. We fly out to meet as many of our owners as we can.  Where possible the photographs are taken by us. We also speak with owners on a regular basis to ensure their holiday home delivers exactly what it says on the tin.

The recently listed Villa SP281. Visited, Verified and Photographed by Panoramic Villas

The recently listed Villa SP281. Visited, Verified and Photographed by Panoramic Villas

Not only that, but we can also offer our holidaymakers advice on local amenities, activities and services in our key rental areas as we have visited these places ourselves.

None of the huge online, volume driven websites can match our commitment to quality, or our commitment to finding you the right holiday home at the very best direct from owner price. Panoramic Villas offer complete peace of mind to all our clients with our 100% guarantee (see our T&Cs for details.)

This recent testimonial from one of our customers shows that even in difficult circumstances we go the extra mile to ensure that our holidaymakers are happy and that we provide the best service possible:

“After the loss of our original villa I’d just like to say that although this situation isn’t one I’d like to repeat, I do feel Panoramic Villas did everything that they possibly could for us and I thank you very much for that. 

I had never used or heard of Panoramic Villas before but knowing that our money was to be refunded without any hassle whatsoever and that they were working on our side to rectify things for us means that I wouldn’t hesitate to use Panoramic Villas service again.”

– Nicola Krzystyniak, May 2015

At Panoramic Villas we also understand that booking a holiday is one of the largest outlays you will make all year, so we are happy to enable you to spread the cost of booking your holiday home. Our safe, online payment system allows you to make incremental payments on your balance whenever you wish. This allows you to manage your payments in a way that suits your personal situation and ensures you are not left with a large amount to pay just before your holiday.

Our travel consultants are here to help and offer advice, and more importantly to ensure that you have the best holiday possible. For a personal service offering guaranteed quality, choose Panoramic Villas!

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