The Legend of Mijas

Doesn’t every village have a legend? A story that’s passed down through generations? Whilst holidaying in Mijas you can explore the facts. The festival to celebrate the patron saint of Mijas is held around September 8th every year, 9 days before the date of the appearance of the Virgen de la Peña. The date varies yearly.

Well hidden away at the end of the park beside the burro taxi stand is the ‘Virgen de la Peña’. The patron Saint of the village. The word peña means cliff in Spanish. It was built on a rocky outcrop by Carmelite monk in the second half of the seventeenth century. A space was hollowed out in the rock beside the castle walls and inside the space there is a chapel to the Virgin de la Peña, as well as a little room where the ceremonial clothes of the Virgin are kept which is nowadays always decorated with flowers and pictures as offerings.

Mijas Legend





The legend says that the virgin appeared between the walls of the old castle in 1586 were it remained hidden during the 8 centuries of the Muslim domination of the Spain.

According to the legend Juan and Asunción, two young shepherds who were taking care of their herd, saw a white dove on the tower of the Castillo which transfigured into the virgin and notified the hiding place to the local authorities of Mijas. This discovery was made just before the Corpus Cristi festivity.

At this festival, a huge party takes place with shows, Spanish horses, flamenco, dance and often local sherry can be tasted. The town hall of Mijas is aware of the importance of tourists in this area and organises every year in September a day to honour these tourists with plenty of activities.

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