The Most Annoying Holidaymakers

Going on holiday is always one of the most exciting times of the year.  You’ve bought your new holiday clothes; packed you case and you’re primed for tanning.  Now all you have to do is get there.  Travelling by air is generally a lot easier than it has ever been.  Online check in, speedy boarding and such like have gone a long way to relieving the stress of air travel.  However, it doesn’t stop other passengers from getting on your nerves.  Here’s my list of culprits when it comes to annoying holidaymakers….

The Queue Jumper

This is not just an airport phenomenon but there is always a high concentration of queue jumpers in this environment.  We’ve all experienced it.  You get to the snaked queues in check in and the one person standing in front of you gradually becomes a party of 20 people travelling together.  You bite your tongue and remind yourself that you are off on holiday and this really doesn’t matter but inside you are seething.  Just make sure you nip in before them at security!

Airport Boozers

Now I have nothing against starting off your holiday with a few drinks at the airport, it’s all part of the fun.  However, I do feel that downing pints at 5am in the morning (whilst eating a fry up washed down with a whiskey chaser) may be a little excessive.  The ‘Airport Boozer’ will also no doubt buy copious amounts of booze in the duty free shop and proceed to try and neck this to save money instead of buying drinks onboard the plane.  Just make sure you are not sitting next to them on the plane or alcohol fumes could take you over.


I’m not an unfriendly person but generally when I’m onboard a plane for 2 hours or more it’s unlikely that I want to hold a non-stop conversation with the total stranger sitting next to me.  This is particularly annoying on the return flight home when you’re really into your holiday book and can’t wait to find out what happens at the end, only to have your whole flight ruined by a chatterbox telling you their life story.  Friendly chit chat is more than acceptable; talking non-stop to the passenger next to you is not.

Free and Easy Parents

I understand that travelling with children is hard work.  I am not even bothered about crying babies on the plane; they can’t help it.  What I do object to is those ‘free and easy’ parents that find it really amusing that little Johnny has worked out how to boot the back of your seat continually for hours.  It is a bit hard to hold a conversation when ‘cute little Alice’ is leaning over the seat in front of your and blowing raspberries in your face.  I know you are going on holiday but discipline shouldn’t go out of the window.  No one finds your children as endearing as you do!

Baggage Blockers

So you’ve landed at your destination airport (and probably encountered the queue jumpers again as you get through passport control.)  Now for the next group of annoying individuals…the baggage blockers!  These are the families that feel the need to have every member of the family standing by the luggage belt blocking everyone else from being able to reach their bags.  Now, unless your 2 year old is the bionic man I don’t think he’s going to be able to drag that 20kg case of the belt.  Just keep out of the way!  Having to wrestle my case off is bad enough but trying to avoid knocking a member of your Waltons-sized family out while I do it makes things much harder.  If the blockers would at least leave sufficient space to move it would be good.

Rant over…Isn’t it a good job that when you reach your Panoramic villa or apartment that you can breathe a sigh of relief!  You’ll have all the space and privacy you need to enjoy your holiday and recover from your journey.  Let’s face it, without all these people to moan about your journey would be far less entertaining!

View our holiday rentals and book your next trip away now.  It’s worth all the hassle when you’re lying by the pool!

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