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Quality & Price

Why do two holiday homes that sleep the same number of guests - vary so differently on price?

This particular subject rears its head on a daily basis and is often a frustration to us. One villa sleeps 8 another villa literally just along the road also sleeps 8, but one is £400 more expensive than the other… Why?

Simply… there can sometimes be significant differences in the quality of the fixtures, fittings, bathrooms, beds, kitchen equipment etc etc.
Some owners update and re-invest every single year in their property, and they genuinely care that you enjoy every aspect of your stay and are prepared to maintain their property to a very high standard, often it is their personal home.

To some owners the property is purely a business which must make money with costs and investment kept to a minimum.
Fact, properties may sleep the same numbers… but in other ways they are sometimes chalk and cheese.

To a large degree - you will get what you pay for - quality costs but all our properties represent value for money in the rental rates charged.  Unlike some private holiday home owners who are happy to give their property away at basement prices as quality and customer experience are never factored in.

We are always keen to help our clients choose wisely, not just on price. If you need help and advice… PLEASE ASK US, we know our properties and we know our owners. 

Confidence to Book

What is a Verified Property?

Panoramic Villas understand that there can be some apprehension when it comes to booking your Holiday Rental. This is why we offer a variety of schemes to ensure you book in confidence.  One of these schemes is our Verified Property. Every property that you see with the Verified Insignia has either been visited personally by one of our agents who has met with the owner or their property representative or the property has received three or more confirmed Panoramic bookings where the guests have stayed in the property. Each advert also shows when the property was listed with Panoramic Villas and highlights how long the owner has been working with us.

Do not worry if the property you are interested in is not Verified this may because it is new to our site or our agents haven’t yet been able to visit the property.  We still individually vet and speak to each owner before they list their property on our website. The Panoramic Guarantee also still applies, as it does for all properties (see Terms & Conditions)

Checking Availability and Booking

Is the property available?

Please visit your chosen property's availability calendar by clicking on the link that is provided in your property's listing. There you will be able to input your dates into the ‘select dates’ field to see if your required dates are Available, Booked or Reserved.

All availability calendars are automatically updated whenever a new booking or reservation is taken for the property.

To reserve your dates you will need to send a booking request form (see question 2).

What happens when I submit my booking request?

When you have completed and submitted your booking request Panoramic Villas will confirm the property's availability and the details listed on your booking form. Once these have all been verified you will receive notification via email that your requested dates have been reserved for you. These dates will remain reserved for you for 36 hours from the time Panoramic Villas issues you with your reservation email. These 36 hours give you the opportunity to finalise your holiday details, flights etc.

You will also need to pay your deposit (or balance if travelling within 8 weeks of your arrival date) in this time period to confirm the booking. If you do not make the necessary payment within the allotted 36 hours the dates will be advertised as available again.

I want to make a booking but I haven't arranged my final details and flights

By completing and submitting the on-line booking request for your chosen property you are registering your interest in making a booking.

In response to this Panoramic Villas will contact you via e-mail confirming the properties availability. At the time the e-mail is sent your chosen property is reserved solely for you for 36 hours. This gives you a window of time and peace of mind to make those final holiday arrangements knowing your selected property is yours to book.

All you then have to do before the time period expires is make your initial payment which you can do through your customer account to confirm your booking.

What time can I check in and what time do I have to check out?

Check-in time is 3pm and check-out time is 10am.

Earlier check-in and extended check-out times may be possible. Please enquire with Panoramic Villas via the 'Ask a Question' facility which can be found in your chosen properties listing.

What is a Verified Review?

To assist you with your Holiday Home choice we post reviews about that property on its advert. The Verified Reviews are reviews that have been submitted by customers of Panoramic Villas who have used our services to organise their holiday rental.  They are not reviews posted by property owners or other persons, this is to ensure the validity of the reviews.  

Payment Timing, Deposits & Security

When and how do I pay?

On receiving notification via email that your 36 hour reservation period has started you will need to pay the required deposit to confirm your booking. To pay your deposit please visit your customer account and click on the payment folder where you will be able to follow the simple step-by-step guide which also includes a list of your different payment options.

Any bookings made within 8 weeks of your arrival will require a full balance payment.

How much will my stay cost?

It is easy to calculate the rental cost of your stay. If you visit the availability calendar for your chosen property, input the dates you would like to travel and click on ‘get quote’ your individual quote will appear.  You can then progress to sending a booking request if you are happy with all the details or email the quote to other members of your party.

When do I get my Breakage Deposit back?

Panoramic Villas offer three types of breakage deposit, the refundable and non-refundable.

You will need to view your chosen properties listing to find out which deposit is applicable.

If you have opted for a property that uses the non-refundable scheme you will be required to pay £5 per person for your stay. This fee covers each person up to £100 of accidental damage in the property. (See our Terms and Conditions for further details). This fee is non-refundable and is received by the owner.

If you have chosen a property that has the refundable damages deposit scheme then you will be required to pay the refundable accidental breakages deposit for your selected property. This payment is made either, when you pay the final balance or when you arrive at your selected property. Please check your chosen properties advert to see which is applicable.

This deposit is held by the owner who, after having had the condition of the property checked, will reimburse your deposit within 14 days of your departure date.

If you have chosen a property that has adopted the Group Non Refundable Damage Protection Plan then a flat £35 fee will be added to your booking. This fee will cover all persons named on the booking form for all small damages up to £350.00.

Can Panoramic Villas guarantee my online transactions are 100% secure?

Panoramic Villas take dealing with your Financial details very seriously. We are PCI DSS qualified which is an international qualification that proves we have taken all steps possible to ensure your card payments details are secure.

We are also Partnered with SagePay which is an industry leading Payment Gateway. This partnership ensures that every transaction you make through the Panoramic Villas website is 100% secure.  Your card payment details are not stored or filed so can not be accessed by unwanted sources. Your peace of mind is our priority.

Property Location and Directions

Where are the nearest airports, activities and amenities?

A comprehensive guide to not only the property itself but also local information on airports,, car/transfer hire, activities and amenities are all listed on each property's advert on the website. These are all accompanied by an approximate guide to the amount of time that it takes to reach the venue.

How do I get to my chosen Property?

Depending on your chosen destination Panoramic Villas will be able to offer you details and advice on car hire and airport transfers. This information will be found in your chosen property's listing. To further assist you, wherever possible, Panoramic Villas endeavour to provide a Google Earth map on each property's listing.

How do I find out more about the property and its location?

Panoramic Villas work closely with the property owners right from the outset and go through a comprehensive process to ensure that the property listing carries all the relevant and interesting points concerning that property and its location.

There may of course be occasions where specific information relevant to you may not be covered. Where this occurs please make an enquiry through our Ask a Question system and Panoramic Villas will endeavour to find an answer to your question.

Contact with the Property Owner or Representative

How do I get the keys?

On making the final payment for your holiday rental you will receive via email a Holiday Information Sheet.

This form will include a contact name, telephone number and email address of your property's representative. Please use these details to contact the representative 2 weeks prior to your arrival to arrange your meet and greet which will include key collection.

This is also an opportunity for you to ask any other questions that you may have as your holiday approaches.

As Panoramic do not own the properties, when do I actually speak to the owner of the property or their property representative?

Here at Panoramic Villas we know that communication is key when it comes to your holiday so as soon as you have paid you're final balance for your stay in your chosen holiday home you will receive through your online customer account a Holiday Information Sheet (HIS). The HIS contains all the contact details of the owner of the property and if applicable their property representative.

The owner will also receive your contact details and will have been made fully aware of your booking. We recommend that you make contact with the owner or the representative immediately and then again at least 2 weeks before your arrival to arrange how to get to the villa, collect keys etc.

The owner will also be able to answer any further questions you may have about the property or the local area. We highly recommend that you print out the HIS and take this with you so that you have all the contact details to hand. These can also be accessed in your customer account at any time.

What if I don't hear from the owner or their representative?

This would be very unusual. We recommend the first thing you should do however is to try and contact them yourself using the information on the Holiday Information Sheet. If you do not receive a reply in good time then please contact us and we will contact the owner on your behalf to instigate a response.

Who do I contact if I have any problems during my stay?

You need to contact the property owner or their property representative. Panoramic Villas cannot offer help with issues that need to be resolved at the property. When you make initial contact with the owner prior to your arrival they should tell you who to call in case of emergency or if you need any help while staying at their property.

We recommend that you print out the Holiday Information Sheet and take this with you so that you have the details to hand. These can be accessed in your customer account at any time.

Who do I contact if I have any observations on my return?

If you have anything you would like to report regarding the property and your stay in the villa or apartment please contact the property owner using the details provided on the Holiday Information Sheet which is accessible at any time in your customer account.

We are always keen to find out what our customers thought of their holiday home so we will also be in touch through our review system to collect your feedback. Any issues with your stay should be reported directly to the property owner and any correspondence regarding the return of your deposit should also be sent to the property owner.

Booking Changes

How do I change my Booking?

Should the situation arise where it becomes necessary for you to change certain details of your confirmed booking Panoramic Villas will wherever possible (and in conjunction with the property owner) work to accommodate these changes. Unfortunately these changes may not always be possible but where a change is feasible there would be a £30 administration fee. For further details on changing your booking please see our Terms and Conditions.

What if I cancel?

Nobody wants to miss out on their holiday and this situation would be most unfortunate. If however you have to cancel then it is best if you refer to our cancellation policy listed our Terms and Conditions, this will also cover how to cancel.

Panoramic Villas will help wherever possible and if you need to cancel we will of course assist you should you want to rearrange your holiday booking.

Helpful Guidance and Advice

How are the properties rated?

Panoramic Villas is a progressive company and as such is constantly looking for ways to improve the service we provide to all our customers. It is also very important to us that the properties and their representatives/owners that we represent maintain the high standards that are expected of them. As a result we issue all our holiday makers who stay in one of our properties with a feedback form on their return from their holiday.

We use this data to monitor and, wherever possible, enhance our performance as a holiday property booking agent. This information also enables us to evaluate our property's abilities to satisfy and provide for the needs of the holiday maker.

Where the feedback is positive the standing of that property is increased across the website and the remarks are posted in the review section for all to read.

Where constructive development is highlighted in the feedback form we work closely with all concerned to ensure these areas are understood and quickly improved upon.

Where a problem is recurring and there is an inability to find a solution the property is removed from our website.

This system helps customers who are looking to reserve a property for their holiday as they are able to read genuine reviews from people who have stayed at that particular property. It also provides peace of mind knowing that only properties that maintain a high level of services and customer satisfaction are listed on our site.

I need inspiration, can you help?

Here at Panoramic Villas we understand that finding and choosing the right property and location for your holiday is incredibly important to you. That is why our Panoramic Villas staff who have years of experience in the holiday property rental market will be happy to provide you with ideas and help guide you through to finding the property that is just right for you.