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Holiday Apartments & Luxury Villas in Lanzarote to Rent

Lanzarote is the perfect destination for a year-round villa holiday and is simply heaven for holidaymakers with almost constant sunshine and plenty of beautiful sandy beaches to choose from. 

Boasting amazing volcanic mountains, lava tunnels and craters, this Canary Island is the perfect destination for exploring and trekking with friends and family. The various resorts and villas available on this island are the ideal base to discover such an adventurous location. Take part in a wide range of watersports across the island, such as surfing, scuba diving and windsurfing. 

Whether you’re seeking a secluded villa for a relaxing holiday and a swim in your own private swimming pool or an adventurous holiday uncovering the volcanic wonders of this beautiful island a holiday with Panoramic Villas in Lanzarote has something for everyone.

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Lanzarote Holiday Villas to Rent

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Information on Lanzarote

Introduction to Lanzarote 

Lanzarote is the most easterly of all the Canary Islands and like its sister islands, it has several varied landscapes, amazing sandy beaches and lots of volcanoes! There are 3 main resorts on the island, each of which has plenty to offer but are also refreshingly unique.

  • Puerto del Carmen

  • Costa Teguise

  • Playa Blanca

Puerto del Carmen is the liveliest of the 3 resorts and boasts a 2-mile strip of bars and nightclubs that stay open pretty much 24 hours a day. If you are looking for more of a relaxed time around Puerto del Carmen then be sure to visit its old town that is centred around a charming fishing harbour with some fantastic traditional tapas bars and locally sourced seafood restaurants. 

Costa Teguise is more laid back than some of the other resorts and is located towards the north of the island. This resort is a great spot for taking part in a range of watersports such as windsurfing and boasts several beautiful beaches. The oldest golf course on the island is also located here.

Playa Blanca is arguably the most upmarket of the large resorts and provides a wide range of attractions and amenities for you to enjoy. Including the fantastic Rubicon Marina, a charming beachfront promenade, waterside restaurants and plenty of shops. View our selection of villas to rent in Playa Blanca.

Wherever you decide to stay during your Lanzarote holiday, you are guaranteed great beaches, lots of sunshine and plenty of choices for food, drink and shopping - something for everyone to discover.

History of Lanzarote 

Lanzarote was driven up from the ocean by a huge volcanic eruption 15 million years ago and is the second oldest island in the Canaries, Fuerteventura being the oldest. It was first inhabited by humans around 1000 BC. Unfortunately, they struggled to survive on the hostile island as it lacked the natural resources needed to develop. By the time Europeans arrived, the locals had barely progressed beyond the Stone Age. 

Lanzarote was claimed by Spain in 1402, which marked the beginning of the Spanish conquest of the Canary Islands. Despite Spanish claims to the island, French, Moroccan and British pirates continued to raid settlements across the Islands, which is why Lanzarote's original capital, Teguise, was built inland rather than on the coast. 

Life on the island became harder than ever in 1730 when it experienced one of the longest volcanic eruptions on record. For six long years, Timanfaya sputtered ash and lava, which blocked out all sunlight and destroyed almost a quarter of the island. 

Thankfully, life on the island improved drastically after the eruption of Timanfaya. The lava and ash left behind a thick layer of rich and fertile soil which was a godsend for local farmers who began to invest in cash crops such as sugar cane, tobacco and cereals. 

By the 1970s Lanzarote’s agricultural industry fell into decline and plantations were shut down and production moved elsewhere. Thankfully, the island’s growing tourism industry was ready to take over thanks to a huge boom in commercial air travel. The doors to mass tourism to the island were opened and the island and its people haven’t looked back since.

Things to do in Lanzarote 

Lanzarote has so much to offer its visitors with a wide range of excursions, attractions and natural landmarks to explore. The rich history and culture of the islands historical capital, Teguise, is also a perfect place to explore and hosts an extensive market every Sunday morning. 

For those of you who are visiting to take part in watersports, you can cruise along the waves on jet skis and inflatables whilst admiring the spectacular sea views in the distance. Or take part in windsurfing or scuba diving from one of the island’s many beaches. 

If you are after a more relaxing trip to the beach then you will be spoilt for choice with so many amazing sunbathing spots on the many sandy beaches on the coast. Or venture out on a relaxing fishing trip or dolphin watching tour from the large marina at Puerto Calero

If you are visiting with your family, then be sure to take them to Aquapark Costa Teguise. This fun-packed water park features everything from slides, rides, large pools, rapids and whirlpools – everything for a fun day out with the kids! Or head to Rancho Texas Lanzarote Park. Here you’ll find magnificent birds of prey, reptiles and mammals as well as pony rides, a splash pool and interaction with sea lions and dolphins.

For those of you who are into golf, a villa in Lanzarote is just the place to be spending your next adventure. Spend the day golfing at Lanzarote Golf in Puerto del Carmen or Costa Teguise Golf, soaking up the blissful sunshine as you go and enjoy the beautiful scenic backdrop.

To help you make a start to your villa holiday itinerary we have selected a few of our favourite attractions on the island for you to visit:

  • Montañas del Fuego - found in the Timanfaya National Park, this spectacular volcanic landscape presents an amazing day out. Whilst there experience a BBQ with a difference. Forget your charcoal and firelighters, the cleverly named El Diablo restaurant will prepare your food by using the natural heat of the volcano.

  • Fundación César Manrique - this amazing building provides a unique experience to visitors. Designed by César Manrique and artist and sculpture who is responsible for much of the development on the island. The building is built on five volcanic bubbles that have been converted into rooms. Manrique mixed art with nature to create an art gallery housing works by Picasso, Miró and many other talents.

  • Cueva de Los Verdes - one of the longest volcanic tunnels in the world. This unique and mythological-looking lava cave is well worth a visit if you are interested in exploring the wonderful landscape and surrounding beauty. Also, be sure to visit the Jameos del Agua, a range of lava bubble formations that includes two bars, a dance floor, restaurants and a pool, all designed by César Manrique.

  • Carnival - The annual carnival normally takes place at the end of February or the beginning of March each year. The exact dates of parades and celebration will vary depending on the town or village. The festivities are well worth joining in and include colourful parades, dancing, music and delicious food.

  • Scuba Diving - Lanzarote is one of the best diving spots in Europe and boasts over 500 species of fish, several shipwrecks and underwater volcanic caves. The waters around the island have good visibility combined with warm temperatures and are a pleasure to dive in. Discover a variety of species such as grouper, rays and hammerhead sharks, explore the many underwater caves, swim amongst the old shipwrecks and immerse yourself in the beautiful reefs around the island that are teeming with marine life that includes Octopus and sea horses.

The Top 5 Beaches in Lanzarote 

The island of Lanzarote boasts a large variety of beautiful sandy beaches thanks to its extensive coastline. The sand colour changes depending on which part of the island you are on, creating some beautiful effects and can range from bleached white sands in the North, the golden sands of Puerto del Carmen and volcanic black sand at Playa Quemada. 

There is an abundance of opportunities to take part in watersports across the island, such as surfing, scuba diving and windsurfing. There are many equipment rental and learning centre facilities available if you fancy having a go yourself.

Lanzarote has some of the nicest beaches of the Canary Islands and even the whole of Spain and is the perfect locations for a relaxing holiday in the sun, taking in the stunning sea views and enjoy the soft sand. 

To help you narrow down which of the many fabulous beaches available on the island, we have chosen our 5 favourites that all offer something unique. 

  1. Playa de Papagayo - Located within the Los Ajaches Natural Park, Playa de Papagayo is made up of a string of beautiful golden sand beaches and small coves with clear turquoise water with the stunning Ajaches mountains in the background. This is one of the most photographed areas of the island is the sheltered bays are a perfect place for children to swim or snorkel. 

  2. Playa Famara - Playa Famara is perfect for those who are interested in surfing and bodyboarding. This beach is found in the west of the island and is famous for its strong current. However, Famara is unsuitable for swimming and should be left to the surfers.

  3. Playa del Reducto - The beautiful beach of the island's capital, Arrecife. El Reducto is a beautiful beach with golden sands, clear water and coconut palms. This beach boasts several Canarian bars where you will be able to enjoy a traditional coffee (cortado), a beer or a delicious cocktail whilst you take in the sea views. 

  4. Playa Blanca - This resort on the south of the island boasts several beaches that are all worth a visit. Playa Blanca, the beach that gives the town its name is near the town centre and is only a few minutes walk from the Marina Rubicon. Playa Dorada is the most popular beach in the area and has a wide range of facilities such as beach bars and sun loungers and Playa Flamingo is a great place to go snorkelling or swimming in the calm waters. 

  5. Playa de las Chucharas - The main beach of Costa Teguise and a centre for watersports on the island, especially windsurfing. This beach is more exposed to the winds than others, which makes it perfect for the windsurfing community. In fact, Costa Teguise has been the proving grounds of many international champions and has hosted world championship events.

Lanzarote Weather

The Canary Islands enjoy lovely weather all year and have been nicknamed the “Islands of Eternal Spring”. Due to the island’s proximity to North Africa, Lanzarote enjoys a mild, dry climate with temperatures averaging around 21°C in the winter months and 29°C in the summer. 

The northern parts of the island, such as Costa Teguise, are less sheltered than other parts and can be more exposed to the wind making the temperature noticeably cooler. Of course, it is still enjoyable and beach trips are still frequent. The wind also makes the town popular with windsurfers. 

Annual rainfall is only 5.5 inches and rarely rains in the summer months. Lanzarote is the perfect year-round holiday destination where you can almost always count on the sun to be shining. 

Lanzarote Travel Information

Lanzarote’s main airport is in Arrecife, the island’s capital. There is a range of ways to reach your holiday villa once you have arrived on the island. The island has ample car hire facilities, taxis and local buses. However, we recommend you make use of an airport transfer as the most cost-effective and easiest way to reach your holiday home or villa. 

Once you have arrived at your chosen resort, there is a variety of ways for you to get around. Many of the local amenities in the resorts are within a walking distance, making getting around a breeze. 

For attractions slightly further away, local taxis are reliable and affordable if you are travelling relatively close to town, but can become expensive if you are trying to reach other resorts to the airport. You are much better off making use of the cheap, reliable and comfortable local bus network that connects many of the island's resorts and towns.

Accommodation in Lanzarote 

Here at Panoramic Villas, we are proud to offer a charming range of villas in Lanzarote to rent and can accommodate groups of all sizes. 

Many of our holiday homes and luxury villas in Lanzarote are within walking distance from a range of local amenities and attractions such as the beach and restaurants. 

Our stunning private villas and holiday rentals are all maintained to a luxury standard and also include a host of amenities and luxuries to improve your stay, including:

  • Outdoor swimming pool

  • Private pool

  • Hot tub/ jacuzzi

  • Pool table

  • Table tennis

  • Gym

  • Private dining area with BBQ

  • Air conditioning

  • High-speed free WIFI

  • High-quality entertainment system

  • Washing machine

If you are looking for a beautiful villa just minutes from the beach with unforgettable sea views or looking forward to enjoying your private heated pool in a quiet area where you can truly relax our wide range of self-catering Lanzarote villas guarantees something for everyone.

We provide a number of other luxury holiday villa rentals in a variety of areas in Lanzarote, including:

Please feel free to browse our villas and for any additional information or questions, you may have about our holiday rentals, contact us for more information.

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