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Luxury Holiday Villas In Rhodes To Rent

The Greek island of Rhodes is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the Mediterranean. The island boasts impressive historic sites, sandy beaches with crystal clear waters, and plenty of picturesque villages to explore. 

Rhodes has one of the best climates in Greece with 300 days of sunshine and warm weather during the summer months. Rhodes offers a wealth of leisure activities for visitors including watersports and plenty of outdoor activities in the island’s scenic landscape. 

Monasteries, medieval castles and classical ruins are all at your fingertips during a trip to Rhodes alongside plenty of opportunities to explore the traditional Greek culture of the island. Browse our range of luxury holiday villas in Rhodes below to find your perfect holiday rental. 

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A range of private holiday villas and apartments to rent in Rhodes, Greece

Looking for the perfect holiday home to rent in Greece? Panoramic Villa Rentals offers a fabulous selection of holiday villas and townhouses to rent in every popular location in Rhodes.

Rhodes is the largest of the Dodecanese Islands. Lying just 18km off the Turkish coast it has the best sunshine record of all the Mediterranean islands. Ancient architecture is ever-present in every corner of the island. In fact the Old Town of Rhodes has been designated as a World Heritage site. It isn??t just the architecture that makes Rhodes so stunning though. The scenery is also breath-taking: the turquoise waters, mountains covered in lemon, orange and olives groves, white sandy beaches and stunning sunsets will make your holiday in Rhodes unforgettable.

We have a fabulous selection of holiday villas and townhouses to rent in Rhodes. Each one is conveniently located and just a few minutes?? walk from all the holiday facilities you??ll need. Most of our Rhodes holiday villas and townhouses have access to a private pool where you can relax and unwind.

We offer a variety of holiday villa and townhouse rentals in Rhodes from smaller 2/3 bedroom townhouse rentals, right up to 5 bedroom luxury villas with plenty of space for larger groups.

We also have a selection of villas and apartments to rent throughout Greece and the Greek Islands in Rhodes, Crete, Santorini, Zakynthos, Mykonos, Lindos and Corfu. Our selection of villas and apartments can cater for couples, families or groups of friends.

Regions in Rhodes

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Information on Rhodes

Introduction to Rhodes

Rhodes is the largest of the Dodecanese Islands and is located just 18km off the coast of Turkey. The island is a popular tourist destination, especially with those who are looking to relax in the sun. Rhodes has the best sunshine record of all the Mediterranean islands and boasts scorching temperatures in the summer months. 

If you are interested in history you will find Rhodes presents endless opportunities to explore the ancient architecture that can be found across the island. The Old Town of the City of Rhodes has been declared a World Heritage Site and it is definitely a 'must-see.' 

It is more than just ancient architecture in Rhodes that makes the island so stunning. The scenery is also breathtaking; turquoise waters, mountains covered in lemon, orange and olive groves, white sandy beaches and stunning sunsets will make your stay in Rhodes unforgettable.

If you're looking for a more active holiday there is no end of things to do on Rhodes.  Water sports, golf, fishing and walking are all popular activities. In the evenings you will find wonderful tavernas run by friendly locals serving delicious Greek cuisine, lively bars where you can take in the view while enjoying a cold drink, and numerous shops for you to browse in.

History of Rhodes

The island of Rhodes has been famous throughout the world for thousands of years and has been a vital site for trade and naval power throughout the Mediterranean. Due to the island’s economic and strategic importance, it has been fought over and occupied by many different cultures throughout history. 

The Island rose to prominence during the Hellenistic age and developed into a maritime, commercial and cultural centre. The island was famous for the Colossus of Rhodes. Rhodes had a reputation for producing the finest sailors in the Mediterranean world and managed to maintain a balance of power in the eastern Mediterranean between the three great Hellenistic states. 

This changed with the rise of Rome, who eventually forced the island to surrender its independence and become a permanent ally of Rome and part of the Empire. After the division of the Roman Empire Rhodes was part of the Eastern or Byzantine Empire until the island was occupied by the Knights Hospitaller, which is why the island is known as “The Island of the Knights”. 

Rhodes fell to Ottoman forces in 1522 after a lengthy siege and was occupied by the Ottoman Empire. The island remained part of the Ottoman Empire until it was occupied and seized by Italy in 1912. It remained part of Italy until the end of WW2 when it was finally united with Greece in 1947. 

Things to do in Rhodes

Rhodes has a wealth of leisure activities for you to take part in during your stay. From watersports, tennis, golf courses and even horse riding. The north of the island is popular for windsurfing and kitesurfing thanks to the stronger winds while the scenic landscape of the island presents plenty of hiking opportunities. 

Rhodes also has plenty of historical sites for you to explore as well as plenty of opportunities for you to explore the island’s traditional culture. 

  • Explore Rhodes Old Town - The historic old city of Rhodes is unmissable whether you are a history buff or not. Take a walking tour of this ancient city and learn its fascinating history. 

  • The Acropolis at Lindos - The stunning town of Lindos has a lot to offer visitors including a clifftop Acropolis full of ancient ruins and beautiful sandy beaches. Spend some time at St. Paul’s Bay and bathe in the crystal clear waters. 

  • Tsambika Monastery - Climb the many steps that lead to the Tsambika monastery to take in the fantastic views of the coast. Explore the monastery and take in the breathtaking beach views for a great day out. 

  • Valley of the Butterflies & Seven Springs - Take a day trip out to an inland brook full of bubbling springs. The Valley of the Butterflies and Kalithea Springs are closely located and are an excellent way to spend a day.  

  • Boat trips - Rhodes has a strong maritime tradition offers plenty of boat trips across the Aegean to the other Dodecanese islands and to Turkey. 

The Best Beaches In Rhodes

Rhodes is home to some of the cleanest and most beautiful beaches in the Aegean. The island is the perfect destination for those looking to spend their time soaking up the magnificent sun on picturesque beaches. 

The east coast of the island boasts stretches of sandy shorelines with plenty of beaches to choose from. Jagged cliffs skirt the west coast with green mountains dotted across the landscape creating a spectacular backdrop to every bay. 

Rhodes offers a variety of beaches to suit every preference from large beaches with plenty of facilities perfect for families to isolated sandy coves that are hidden from view and perfect for those looking for some privacy. 

Swimming is very popular on Rhodes thanks to how clean the crystal waters are. The water on most of Rhodes beaches is calm and perfect for children to swim and play in. 

Rhodes Weather

Rhodes is one of the hottest Greek islands due to its proximity to Turkey and has the best sunshine record of all of the Mediterranean islands. During the summer months, temperatures soar to averages of 31°C. The sun and temperature can be unbearable in the summer and it might be better to visit the island during the cooler months of May and September where averages are 22°C.

Rhodes Travel Information

The island of Rhodes has its own major airport that receives both domestic and international flights from across the world. Rhodes is also one of the main ferry hubs of the area and boasts many ferry connections across the Dodecanese and further afield, including Athens, Crete and Turkey. 

Once you have arrived on the island there is a frequent bus service that runs from the airport to Rhodes Town. However, it is important to know that vehicles can’t enter the Old Town itself as it is mostly cobbled. Hire cars and taxis are also available across the island, letting you explore further afield if you want to. 

Accommodation in Rhodes

Here at Panoramic Villas, we are proud to present our range of luxury holiday villas in Rhodes to rent that can accommodate groups of a variety of different sizes.  

Many of our holiday rentals in Rhodes are purposefully located to take full advantage of the terrific weather and magnificent sunshine whilst you relax in your private pool. you will find our villas in Rhodes are conveniently located close to a range of local amenities and restaurants and are maintained to a high standard with a range of luxuries to make your stay comfortable, such as:

  • Outdoor swimming pool

  • Private pool

  • Hot tub/ jacuzzi

  • Pool table

  • Table tennis

  • Gym

  • Private dining area with BBQ

  • Air conditioning

  • High-speed free WIFI

  • High-quality entertainment system

  • Washing machine

If you are interested in a luxury holiday villa on the Mediterranean’s sunniest island than our wide range luxury holiday villas in Rhodes to rent will have something to suit your needs. 

We also present a number of other luxury villa rentals in popular villa holiday destinations in Greece, including:

Please feel free to browse our villas and for any additional information or questions, you may have about our holiday rentals, contact us for more information.

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