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Luxury Villas In Turkey To Rent

In Turkey eastern flavours collide with a western lifestyle to create an enchanting villa holiday destination. Turkey boasts a wide range of ancient ruins and archaeological sites to explore, as well as a scenic landscape made up of mountains and lush beaches. Turkey has abundant historical places of interest set amongst a  naturally beautiful scene, perfect or a villa holiday.

Turkey is a perfect holiday haven where you will be treated to endless stretches of beaches and coves that are lapped by sparkling, crystal clear seas making them the ideal spot to soak up the fabulous climate with its warm sun and soft breezes.

The country's spectacular sunsets, incredible island views, charming bars, laid back cafes and fabulous fish restaurants make relaxation second nature. The busy and mesmeric cities provide the ultimate shopping experience and vibrant nightlife whilst the tranquil hillside villages set in amongst olive, citrus and fig groves are the fitting location from which to explore the weekly markets and bazaars. Once you have visited Turkey we are sure you will be left wanting more.

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Selection of Holiday Villas & Apartments in Turkey

Panoramic Villa Rentals offer a fabulous selection of villas and apartments to rent in Turkey. Turkey one of Europe's most attractive and cosmopolitan holiday destinations.

Turkey is a country rich in eastern promise. It's a vibrant country where east meets west and old is perfectly blended with new. Turkey is the perfect holiday destination. Whether you're looking for wall-to-wall sunshine and endless stretches of beaches with sheltered coves lapped by sparkling and clear seas, tranquil hillside villages set among olive, citrus and fig groves, or historic attractions and fascinating archaeological sites, Turkey has it all.

We have a fabulous selection of holiday villas and apartments in Turkey. Each one is situated in a great location, within easy reach of the Aegean and its fabulous beaches and a wide selection of bars, shops, street cafes and restaurants.

Most of our Turkey holiday villas and apartments have access to either a private pool, or an on-site communal pool where you can relax and unwind. We offer a variety of holiday villas and apartments in Turkey for families or groups of friends, from modern and spacious 1 and 2 bedroom apartments, right up to 6 bedroom villas for larger groups.

Regions in Turkey

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Information on Turkey

Introduction to Turkey

Turkey is a transcontinental country located on the Anatolian peninsula in Asia but also spreads on the Balkan peninsula. Istanbul is the country's largest city while Ankara is the capital. 

Turkey has a rich culture, fascinating history, beautiful countryside and a stunning coastline for you to explore during your villa holiday. We provide luxury holiday villas in the Bodrum region, one of Turkey’s most popular holiday destinations with some of the best beaches in Turkey. 

Turkey boasts some of the world’s most impressive monuments and is home to numerous World Heritage Sites and ancient ruins. There is so much to do in Turkey, whatever your idea of the perfect getaway. With a wide range of activities and water sports for you to try. 

Turkey is home to unique and delicious cuisine, such as Turkish pastries, kebabs and baklava. It’s also a wonderful place for those who like to indulge in a bit of retail therapy and bargain hunting. Visit a local bazaar to try out your bartering skills, pick up some authentic holiday souvenirs and get to know the friendly locals.

Places to Visit in Turkey

Turkey is a country rich with Eastern promise where the old is easily blended with the new. Turkey hosts fascinating archaeological sites and historical attractions that are perfectly complemented by a Turkey that is contemporary and full of life. We have villas in a range of destinations in the Bodrum region, including:

1. Bodrum Peninsula

The Bodrum Peninsula is one of the most popular holiday resorts in Turkey. Its charm resides in a blend of a relaxed Mediterranean atmosphere with lush greenery and high mountains, ancient historical sites and its proximity to many fantastic beaches, quaint sleepy fishing villages and trendy nightclubs. All of which ensure a great place to holiday.

2. Gundogan

Gundogan is the perfect holiday destination for history buffs and is famous for its rock formations and ancient rock cemeteries. Gundogan is covered with colourful flowers and is surrounded by trees of mandarins, olive, pomegranates, bananas and oak. There are also boat trips to secluded Bays where you can watch seals and dolphins swim alongside the boat.

3. Lake Tuzla

Lake Tuzla is an area that is bursting with life and variety. You are perfectly located to take advantage of the area’s fresh seafood restaurants, gorgeous sandy beaches and traditional Turkish shops. Lake Tuzla’s stunning countryside will also tempt you with walks through the breathtaking scenery. 

4. Yalikavak

Yalikavak is often described as the St Tropez of Turkey. This fertile region of coastline is perfect for sailing and other watersports and many foreign yachts can be found in the harbour. Yalikavak is also known for its superb sunsets and unspoilt beaches. Yalikavak’s charming promenade leaves you spoilt for choice on where to eat and drink as you look across the sea for a picturesque evening. 

Beaches in Turkey

Turkey is renowned for its magnificent coastline with miles of beautiful beaches that stretch across the shoreline. The Bodrum Region is no exception and during your visit, you will discover vast stretches of some of Turkey’s best beaches, lapped by warm and translucent waters of the Aegean Sea. 

If you are interested in watersports then you will be spoilt for choice on the various beaches within close distance of our villa rentals. There are also quieter stretches of sands and stunning natural coves if you prefer to simply relax and soak up the glorious sun. 

A Brief History of Turkey

Turkey has a long and rich history which it proudly displays with a wide range of historical and archaeological sites across the country. In fact, the Anatolian peninsula is one of the oldest permanently settled regions in the world. 

Anatolia, the region of modern-day Turkey, was heavily settled by the Greeks who founded a number of important cities, such as Byzantium (Istanbul). All of modern-day Turkey was conquered by the Persian Achaemenid Empire in the 6th century BC which began the Greco-Persian Wars. The area was conquered by Alexander the Great and became part of his empire. 

Following Alexander’s death, the area was eventually conquered by the Roman Empire. In 324 AD, Emperor Constantine moved his capital to Byzantium, which was renamed Constantinople and became the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire or Byzantine Empire. 

The area of modern Turkey was slowly conquered by the Ottoman Empire, the origins of modern Turkey who spoke Turkish and were predominantly Muslim. The Ottoman Empire was ruled from Constantinople (Istanbul) and ruled all of modern-day Turkey, as well as Syria, Egypt, Greece and much of the Balkan Peninsula. 

The Ottoman Empire was the source of a great deal of modern Turkey’s architecture and culture and blended the Eastern and Western influences of its empire into one. In the latter half of the 18th century, the empire went into decline with uprisings in Greece and the Balkans, ethnic tension across the empire, wars with Russia and economic collapses. 

The Ottoman Empire was partitioned after the first world war by the victorious Allied Powers. In the aftermath of the war, the Republic of Turkey was formed after a Turkish national movement led to an independence war. This was the birth of modern Turkey. 

Weather in Turkey

If you are looking for a holiday destination with balmy temperatures then Turkey is the perfect place for you. The weather is warm from April up to August with temperatures in the mid-30s. The summer months also boast 12 hours of sunshine a day. 

If you prefer to visit in a milder period the winter and autumn months have temperatures reaching the mid-20s, perfect for exploring Turkey’s historical and cultural sites while still enjoying the weather. 

Turkish Travel Information

Tourism to Turkey is an important part of the country's economy and Turkey is one of the world’s top ten holiday destinations. As such Turkey is well placed to receive visitors with 22 international airports across the country. Turkish Airlines is also the largest carrier in the world by the number of countries served. 

Turkey’s road network is well signposted and easy to use if you are interested in using a hire car. If not, there are abundant taxis and bus routes to allow you to explore the country. We suggest an airport transfer as the most cost-effective and easiest way to rich your holiday villa when you arrive. 

Villas in Turkey

Here at Panoramic Villas, we are proud to present our range of luxury villas in Turkey to rent that can accommodate groups of a variety of different sizes.  

Many of our holiday rentals in Turkey are located to allow you to take full advantage of the great weather, beaches and historical sites that Turkey is famous for. Our holiday villas in Turkey are maintained to a high standard with a range of luxuries to make your stay comfortable, such as:

  • Outdoor swimming pool

  • Private pool

  • Hot tub/ jacuzzi

  • Pool table

  • Table tennis

  • Gym

  • Private dining area with BBQ

  • Air conditioning

  • High-speed free WIFI

  • High-quality entertainment system

  • Washing machine

If you are interested in discovering one of the world's most popular villa holiday destinations where a rich history blends seamlessly into a modern and cosmopolitan holiday destination, then our wide range of luxury villas in Turkey will have what you are looking for. 

Here at Panoramic Villas, we present a number of luxury villa rentals in popular villa holiday destinations in Turkey, including:

Please feel free to browse our villas and for any additional information or questions, you may have about our holiday rentals, contact us for more information.

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