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A villa holiday in America will allow you to take a trip to the heart of Florida as you experience a sun-drenched refreshing break on the Gulf Coast. From the adrenaline of Orlando to the laid back town of Kissimmee a villa holiday in Florida will cater to all tastes. 

There is also much more to see if you are interested in exploring further. Visit the Everglades, an expansive green space full of mangroves and swamps, to experience the natural wonder during an airboat tour. Or go on a wildlife tour to see alligators, panthers and snakes in this thrilling environment. 

Florida is famous for its theme parks and Orlando is the entertainment capital for families and is the perfect destination for a family adventure. There is no shortage of things to see and do. Our range of villas in Florida put you in the heart of the action and guarantee a fun-filled holiday. 

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Information on USA

Introduction to America

The United States of America is probably one of the most well-known countries in the world. It is home to Orlando, Florida and the Gulf Coast which are the perfect villa holiday destinations in America. 

Explore the best of what America has to offer by staying in one of our luxury USA villa holiday rentals and enjoy unbeatable comfort. This island-like state is the home of family fun. Think thrills and spills at the many theme parks, amazing food from all around the globe and shopping malls the size of small towns. 

Stray away from the entertainment hub of Orlando and you will find beaches that would make the Caribbean jealous. Enjoy the soft sands of the Gulf Coast beaches and bathe in the amazing sunshine and hot weather. 

Places to Visit in Florida

The US is a bucket list destination with a wide variety of activities and attractions for you to enjoy. We have a range of holiday villas in Florida, from Orlando to the Gulf Coast. It is easy to find the perfect combination of fun, relaxation and sun to make the perfect villa holiday. 

1. Orlando

If you want an exciting, fun-packed, unforgettable holiday Orlando is a great destination to choose!  The main attraction in Orlando is, of course, Walt Disney World. But there is a lot more to this destination, from theme parks to fantastic restaurants. Orlando also boasts golf courses, beaches and great places to shop. Whatever you choose to do during your stay one thing is for sure, you'll never be bored in Orlando!

2. Davenport

Davenport is perfectly located to keep you close to all of the popular tourist attractions such as Disney World, Universal, International Drive and the golden beaches of the Gulf Coast. Davenport also has a number of outdoor activities such as boating and fishing trips and world-class golf courses. Davenport is the perfect destination if you are wanting to see all the main attractions or spend your days in a more leisurely manner. 

3. Kissimmee

Kissimmee is a great option if you want to be close to all the attractions of Disney and Universal but far away enough to be able to chill out after a hard days sightseeing.  Kissimmee is a laid-back town with authentic wood-fronted shops and tree-lined streets. Kissimmee also has a range of outdoor activities for you to enjoy, such as horse riding, fishing or sailing on one of the many lakes. 

Beaches in America

The Gulf Coast of Florida is blessed with warm waters and beautiful beaches for you to enjoy during your visit to America. Florida is an ideal holiday destination for sunbathing with long tantalising stretches of white sandy beaches across the coast. Swimming, diving and boat trips are all popular in the sun-drenches Gulf Coast. 

A Brief History of America

The Colonial Period of American history began in 1607 when European settlers created the Virginia Colony. Natives had of course been living on the continent for thousands of years. In the early days of colonization natives and settlers often fought with each other but also traded with one another. 

America declared its independence from Britain in 1776 and fought the American Revolutionary War until Britain signed the peace treaty of 1783. After gaining independence America proceeded west in a period of expansionist manifest destiny. The Louisiana Purchase of French territory in 1803 nearly doubled the countries’ size. Spain then ceded Florida in 1819. The US annexed Texas in 1845 and the Oregon Treaty of 1846 granted American control of the Northwest. Finally, victory in the Mexican-American War in 1848 led to the cession of California and the American Southwest. 

A difference of opinion regarding slavery and Federal power led to the American Civil War in 1861 and Lincoln delivering his Emancipation Proclamation, abolishing slavery. The Civil War was the deadliest conflict in American history and the reconstruction period after the war was extensive. 

America saw increased immigration from Europe as the nation began to urbanise and develop. The telegraph and transcontinental railroads spurred economic growth and the development of the American Old West. The 19th and early 20th century saw the rise of American industrialists and tycoons and America became a great power. After the first world war, America experienced the Wall Street Crash of 1929 and the start of the Great Depression. 

America emerged from WW2 as a global superpower and entered the Cold War with the Soviet Union in a fight for power, influence and prestige. The conflict was driven by ideological differences between Capitalism and Communism. The period is often considered problematic, with the United States undertaking regime changes and sponsored wars in developing countries to prevent the spread of communism. 

Modern America is the sole world superpower with an extensive economy. The country leads the western world and is one of, if not the most powerful nation on the planet. America leads NATO and is often seen as the defender of democracy and freedom across the globe. 

Weather in America

A villa holiday in America is possible all year round, however, Florida is the warmest during the summer months. July and August boast spectacular sunshine but are also very popular and busy. October is a fantastic alternative with cooler temperatures of 29°C during the day. 

Even January and February, the coldest months in Florida, are still warm enough to visit and explore everything Florida has to offer. Florida and the Gulf Coast are year-round holiday destinations. 

American Travel Information

Florida has a number of international airports and is incredibly easy to reach from across the planet. Once you have arrived you will find both hire cars and taxis in abundance, making it easy to get around and explore during your trip. 

The minimum age for car rental is 21 and you will need your driving license, passport and a credit card. Larger rental companies will allow you to pick up a rental car from one location and then drop it off in another, perfect if you are planning on exploring the state during your visit. Florida is well known for its scenic highways and driving through the state can be an enjoyable experience. 

Villas in America

Here at Panoramic Villas, we are proud to present our range of USA villa holiday rentals in Florida. Many of our USA villas are conveniently located in resorts or close to a wide range of local amenities to make your stay comfortable and convenient. 

Our range of USA villa holiday rentals can accommodate groups of all sizes and are all maintained to a high standard with a range of luxuries to make your stay comfortable, such as:

  • Outdoor swimming pool

  • Private pool

  • Hot tub/ jacuzzi

  • Pool table

  • Table tennis

  • Gym

  • Private dining area with BBQ

  • Air conditioning

  • High-speed free WIFI

  • High-quality entertainment system

  • Washing machine

If you are interested in a luxury holiday villa in Florida that is close to a range of tourist attractions then our wide range of USA villa holiday rentals will have exactly what you are looking for. 

Here at Panoramic Villas, we present a number of luxury villa rentals in popular villa holiday destinations in Florida, including:

Please feel free to browse our villas and for any additional information or questions, you may have about our holiday rentals, contact us for more information.