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Travel Trends in 2023

After years of lockdowns and public health restrictions, the world has officially reopened to travelers. We can finally take to the skies, seas, and roads with more confidence than we have since 2019.

International travel nearly tripled between January and July of 2022—up 172 percent from the same period in 2021, according to the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). With 2022 serving as the year of recuperation, it’s predicted that 2023 will be the year of innovation.

According to the UNWTO, the travel sector has regained over 60% of its pre-pandemic levels. 2023 will see a new way of exploring the world with a shift in why we’re looking to get away, as well as the types of vacations we take. This year, slow travel, domestic travel, or visiting a dream destination are all possibilities for travelers.

According to, 73% of people feel more optimistic about traveling in 2023 than they did the previous year. Travelers want to have a more long-term positive impact on the places and people they visit to deepen their own experiences. They also want to make more conscious decisions about how they travel, keeping the preservation of our planet in mind.

Let’s look at a few travel trends likely to influence how we see the world in 2023.

1. Responsible Travel is no longer a niche. Globetrotters are emphasizing responsible travel more and more as they want to experience a place like a local. Your effect as a traveler is more obvious when you’re bridging the gap between tourist and local and creating personal connections. According to a Virtuoso poll, customers are willing to spend extra if doing so will help the community and local economy.

2. Digital Nomadism was becoming more popular long before remote work became the norm. But, long-term digital nomadism may not be suitable for everyone. Consequently, “hush” trips have the potential to be the newest travel trend in 2023. This allows remote workers to pack their belongings and leave for a short period of time-say, a week or two-without informing their employer. They, log in, get on with work, and set aside some time for exploration.

3. Personal Growth is a consideration for travelers in 2023. Many travelers have expressed that they will be looking to improve themselves and their talents, and they will organize their excursions based on the lessons they will pick up along the way. 58% of individuals desire to travel for this reason, thus personal growth is one area they are giving priority to.

4. Budget Conscious travelers are carefully considering their travel expenditures for 2023, with 50% of respondents stating they still view vacation spending as a top financial priority. 68% of travelers are cost- conscious, choosing experiences over costly travel expenses like luxurious lodging. Millennials are the generation most likely to use the available applications and search engines to find the best prices.

5. Family Trips will be focused on human versus digital connection. Families that spent too much high-stress time together during the pandemic are looking for purposeful, bucket-list trips to reconnect and bond with each other. The post-pandemic family holiday experience is centered on broadening children’s horizons via genuine human interaction, stressing “green time” over screen time.

We can see that in 2023 there will be an emphasis on meaningful and sustainable travel and even more attention to the activities you participate in once you arrive at your destination.

We hope that this brief list of travel trends will inspire you as you explore what form of travel might be in store for you in 2023.

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25 Romantic Destinations To Visit This Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching on the 14th of February we have put together this fantastic list of the top 25 romantic places to go on Valentine’s Day this year. Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse for a special getaway to create unforgettable memories with the person you love the most. Fortunately, there is no shortage of beautifully romantic places in the world to unleash your passion.

We have put together this collection of well-known classics with some lesser-known personal favourites of ours to help you plan your next daring romantic getaway. Choose the option that best suits yours and your partner’s tastes and start making plans for your romantic Valentine’s Day holiday.

1. Paris, France

Paris is renowned for being the city of love and easily tops the list of any romantic destinations for Valentine’s Day. Paris is the perfect destination for les amourex who can walk along the beautiful streets of Paris, hand in hand, whilst visiting the Eiffel Tower. Indulge in the glittering lights of the city at night to set a romantic mood whilst taking in the cultural attractions of one of Europe’s cultural capitals.

2. Rome, Italy

Rome is one of the most visited cities in Europe and is a perfect choice for couples looking for a romantic getaway. Explore the amazing relics of Rome like the Colosseum and Roman Forum, alongside the renaissance monuments such as St. Peter’s Basilica and the Trevi Fountain. The city is also renowned for its excellent cuisine and offers plenty of romantic eating spots.

3. Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is a city with a vibrant tradition with Valentine’s Day. Catalunya also celebrates its own version of lover’s day on the 23rd of April when men give out roses to women whilst women give books to men. The entire city celebrates this event and is filled with stalls selling roses and books, creating a charming and beautiful site. Barcelona is also famous for its amazing food and beautiful beaches.

4. Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubljana is the capital of Slovenia and is known as the Green Capital thanks to its abundant green spaces. Stroll through the beautiful Tivoli Park or visit the Dragon Bridge before heading to Ljubljana Castle to learn about the history of this city. If you are interested in art and culture, you will find Ljubljana has plenty to offer you as you explore the city’s museums and art galleries.

5. Venice, Italy

When you are creating a list of romantic cities Venice is bound to be one of the first that comes to your mind. There is something extremely magical about the sinking city on the water. Imagine yourself and your loved one floating along the Venetian lagoon, being serenaded by a Gondolier whilst you enjoy delightful wine and food. The best part is the pink glass in the street lights of the Piazza San Marco casts a beautiful rosy hue onto lovers as they walk through the city at night.

6. Bruges, Belgium

The quaint Belgian town of Bruges is famous for its picturesque looks and cosy atmosphere and is the perfect destination for a couple this Valentine’s Day. Explore the Medieval streets and tree-lined canals before heading to the Minnewater Park where, legend has it, that you will find true love if you cross the lake with your partner.

7. Aachen, Germany

This German city is the perfect romantic spa break destination for you and your partner this Valentine’s Day. Located close to the Dutch border, Aachen is a charming city that’s bursting with history for you to explore. It is also famous for its healing waters and thermal springs. In fact, ancient celts, Roman legionaries and the emperor Charlemagne all made use of the springs here and there are several spa resorts for you to enjoy in Aachen.

8. Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is one of Europe’s most beautiful cities and is full of romance. Walk around the city’s old town and feel like you are the protagonists of your own love story whilst you take in the sites and live music of the city. Head to the Charles Bridge early before it gets busy and enjoy one of the most romantic spots in Prague.

9. Vienna, Austria

Vienna’s unique atmosphere gives it its place as one of the most romantic cities in Europe. With the perfect balance of old and new Vienna has plenty of narrow cobbled streets to explore, cafes and coffee shops to relax in and plenty of artists to watch and enjoy. We recommend taking your partner on a romantic horse-drawn carriage ride or even having dinner at the top of the world’s oldest Ferris wheel.

10. Santorini, Greece

Santorini is one of the world’s most popular honeymoon destinations and is the capital of romance. The island in the Aegean Sea is nestled with beautiful beaches and picturesque landscapes for you to enjoy in tranquillity. Santorini is a classic romantic choice for those looking for a peaceful and secluded getaway. February is also the low season which might help you find a great deal.

11. Rovaniemi, Sweden

Rovaniemi is the perfect destination for those looking to snuggle up with their loved one in a winter wonderland. Enjoy the arctic nights in an open igloo whilst you stargaze and wait for the beautiful northern lights or ride a sleigh pulled by reindeer in this region of Swedish Lapland. If you are an active couple try your hand at skiing in one of the most wonderful winter landscapes we have ever seen.

12. Brasov, Romania

Romania might not be the first place that comes to mind when you are thinking about a romantic getaway but the fairytale town of Brasov is a magical place. Brasov is the perfect place to walk hand in hand with your loved one through the snow-covered streets whilst you take in the beautiful surroundings of the Carpathian Mountains. Treat yourself to a candlelight tour of the town to learn about its history and architecture that involves a local legend about a vampire.

13. Edinburgh, Scotland

Scotland is the perfect romantic destination for those who aren’t looking to travel far this Valentine’s Day. With its Rolling hills, striking lochs and local tales of love and heartbreak Scotland is full of romance. The capital city of Edinburgh is the perfect destination for a romantic city break this Valentine’s Day. Explore the cobbled streets and admire the medieval architecture before trying some delicious whisky.

14. Belgrade, Serbia

Belgrade is the perfect romantic holiday destination for couples looking to get off the beaten track. The Serbian capital boasts elegant boulevards, beautiful monuments and amazing restaurants for you to explore. We recommend visiting Skadarlija, a cobblestone street so beautiful that it is often compared to Montmartre in Paris.

15. Florence, Italy

Italy is full of beautiful and romantic cities that are perfect for a Valentine’s Day getaway but Florence is easily one of the best options. The city encapsulates renaissance art and architecture and boasts a wide range of beautiful attractions to explore. Visit the Florence Cathedral, Uffizi Gallery, Ponte Vecchio and the Palazzo Vecchio before enjoying some delicious Italian food and wine with your loved one. In short, Florence is defined by romance, art and amazing cuisine.

16. Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is often referred to as the Paris of the East and it is easy to see why. The Hungarian capital is an incredibly romantic city with beautiful monuments and a majestic aura. Spend your day exploring the city’s rich historic heritage before trying one of the world-famous thermal baths. The outdoor pools are especially romantic in winter as you sit in the thermal pool whilst taking in the beautiful snow-covered landscape before indulging in a relaxing massage.

17. Granada, Spain

Granada is one of the most beautiful cities in Spain and really showcases Andalusian culture at its best. Explore and enjoy the Moorish architecture that defines the region and get lost in the amazing Alhambra. Try the Arab baths or relax in one of the city’s tearooms before watching a beautiful sunset from the Mirador de San Nicolas.

18. Buenos Aires, Argentina

For those couples who don’t mind travelling further afield this Valentine’s Day, Buenos Aires is the perfect romantic destination. Celebrate your love to the rhythm of tango in the beautiful capital of Argentina. Try your hand at dancing with the locals in this Latin paradise as you fall in love with the city almost as much as you are with each other.

19. Verona, Italy

Few places in the world can be as romantic as the setting for the famous story of Romeo and Juliet. Verona is located close to Venice and is a beautiful medieval town beautifully positioned on the Adige River. If you are interested in the history of the Shakespearian story, visit Juliet’s famous balcony or, if you are interested in creating your own romantic tale, take your loved one to the hidden grounds of Gardino Giusti and roam its maze before heading to Castiel Saint Pietra to watch the sunset.

20. Seville, Spain

Seville is another beautiful Andalusian city located in the south of Spain that is perfect for those looking for a romantic getaway this Valentine’s Day. Enjoy the sun and warm weather as you walk hand in hand by the Torre del Oro or as you explore the City’s Jewish quarter. Give in to the corny feeling as you kiss your love on the beautiful Triana Bridge before trying some local tapas with a rebujitos (a local cocktail).

21. Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Dutch capital might not be the first place that comes to mind when thinking of romantic destinations, instead conjuring images of the city’s famous red-light district, but Amsterdam is actually a wonderful destination for couples. Stroll through the beautiful canals before enjoying a romantic dinner onboard a cruise. We also suggest enjoying a kiss with your loved one on the Magere Brug bridge, which local legends say is supposed to guarantee eternal love.

22. Kyoto, Japan

The perfect Valentine’s Day destination for those who would go to the end of the world for their partner. Kyoto is a magical city and is Japan’s cultural capital. The city is full of history and tradition for you to explore. Don’t forget to visit the amazing bamboo forest of Sagano. This unique natural space is the perfect place to spend Valentine’s Day.

23. The Maldives

The Maldives are considered to be a literal paradise and are the perfect place to relax with your loved one this Valentine’s Day. This romantic archipelago boasts amazing beaches, resorts, villas and restaurants for you to enjoy. Relax in the sun on the white sandy beaches before swimming in the turquoise sea.

24. Sintra, Portugal

Sintra is a beautiful resort town in Portugal located between the sea and the mountains. The city is famous for its 19th-century Romanticist architecture, which includes royal palaces, castles and historic estates. Sintra was also a favourite of Bohemian writers and artists of the 18th and 19th centuries and is the perfect place to escape the cosmopolitan culture and lose yourself in the relaxed atmosphere.

25. Marrakech, Morocco

Travel to the magical city of Marrakech this Valentine’s Day and explore all this beautiful city has to offer. Explore the beautiful architecture and try the amazing food of this Morrocan city with your partner. Visit the Medina with its beautiful souk or let yourself be carried away by the scents of the Djema el Fna square. We recommend visiting a Hammam, or luxury spa, to relax as a couple.

Valentine’s Day is all about spending time with the person you love the most, but why not spend it exploring a beautiful romantic city together? Here at Panoramic Villas, we hope this list has inspired you to take your partner on a romantic Valentine’s Day getaway this year.

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What Are The Busiest Airports In The World?

Air travel continues to grow each year and in 2017 the UN’s World Tourism Organisation declared that international tourist numbers had surpassed 1.3 billion. Air travel across the globe is estimated to double over the next two decades and many airports are making efforts to keep up.

The busiest airports in the world continue to see an increase in passenger growth each year, with some of the busiest airports receiving over 100 million passengers each year. But which is the busiest airport in the world? Which UK airports have the longest security queues? And Which European airports receive the most British tourists each year?

In this article, Panoramic Villas will explore these questions to help you be better prepared for your next holiday away.

The Busiest Airport In The World

According to a recent report from the Airports Council International, the busiest airport in the world continues to be Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, for the 21st year in a row. Over 107 million passengers flew through this airport last year thanks to its convenient location within a two-hour flight for 80% of the US population. Atlanta is also the perfect spot for international visitors to enter North America.

Passenger Traffic Grew By 5% Across The 20 Busiest Airports

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport saw its traffic increase by 3.3% compared to the previous year. However, Beijing might be posed to overtake Atlanta. Beijing surpassed the 100 million passengers mark in 2018 and saw an increase in passenger traffic of 5.4%.

In the third, the fourth and fifth places are Dubai International Airport, Los Angeles International Airport and Tokyo International airport. Los Angeles has overtaken Tokyo since the previous year. Dubai Aiport only saw an increase in traffic of 1%, after years of double-digit growth.

Passenger traffic at the world’s 20 busiest airports represents 17% of all global passenger traffic. More than 1.5 billion passengers used these 20 airports. While the world’s busiest airports continue to see growing passenger traffic, smaller airports are continuing to grow rapidly. Much of this growth can be found in Asia, with 12 of the fastest-growing airports are located in either China or India.

Britain’s Busiest Airport

We have looked at the busiest airports in the world, but what about the busiest airports in the UK? It is unsurprising that Heathrow is the busiest airport in the UK, after all, it is the 7th busiest in the world. London Heathrow Airport is one of the world’s busiest travel hubs and in 2018 it saw nearly 80 million passengers travel through its four passenger terminals.

Gatwick comes second with 46 million passengers and Manchester comes in 3rd place with 28 million. The same report from the Civil Aviation Authority shows that nearly 300 million passengers passed through UK airports in 2018.

The Longest UK Airport Security Queues

One of the biggest contributors to travel stress for British tourists in the unpredictability of UK airport security queues. With the ever-increasing presence of airport security being felt during air travel the airport security check is seen as a frustrating, but arguably essential part of the journey. The long queues, combined with painstaking processes, has been the cause of stress for many travellers as they try to reach their gate on time.

A recent study by Which? Travel has revealed that passengers flying through Manchester Airport are likely to face the longest security queue times across the country, with average waiting times of 16 minutes at security. Passengers at Heathrow and Gatwick, by comparison, pass through airport security in less than 10 minutes on average.

Take a look at our graph of the longest UK airport security queues to see if your closest airport is on the list.

Manchester Has The Worst UK Airport Security Queues

Regular passengers through Manchester Airport might not be surprised by these results, as it has consistently failed to meet its self-set target of processing 95% of travellers through airport security in under eight minutes.

Those wishing to avoid the lengthy security queues at Manchester have the option to make use of Manchester Airport’s new PremiAir service, which includes a dedicated security channel which will get you from the terminal to aircraft in just sixty minutes. This new service will cost passengers £50 and must be pre-booked.

Heathrow & Gatwick Have The Shortest UK Airport Security Queues

Despite being the two busiest airports in the UK, Heathrow and Gatwick have the lowest average UK airport security queue times. They are also the only two UK airports that have their queue targets set externally by the Civil Aviation Authority.

Both airports consistently hit their assigned targets to get 99% of passengers through security in under 10 minutes for Heathrow and 98% through in under 15 minutes at Gatwick.

The Busiest Airports In Europe For British Tourists

If there is something us Brits love more than anything else it is a good holiday. Each year millions of UK citizens head overseas for some time in the sun, business or to visit family abroad, but where is the most popular place for Brits to travel?

A survey by Which? Travel has shown which European airports receive the most arrivals from the UK in 2017. Our graph below shows the number of UK arrivals as both a figure in millions and the percentage of the overall international arrivals that were British.

Faro Has The Highest % Of British Arrivals

In 2017, 2.2 million British citizens arrived at Faro Airport in Portugal, which made up an impressive 50% of all arrivals that year. This would make Faro the busiest airport for Brits abroad with the highest percentage of British arrivals. Alicante and Tenerife take 2nd and 3rd place with 43% and 42%.

Amsterdam Has The Most British Arrivals

Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport received the most British tourists in a year with 5.1 million Brits arriving. However, this only accounted for 15% of all international arrivals. Malaga came second with 3 million and Alicante came 3rd with 2.9 million.

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The Top 25 Family Travel Bloggers Of 2019

Here at Panoramic Villas, we understand how important it is to travel and see the world, especially if you have a family. What better way is there to teach your children about the wider world than to show them first hand? That’s why we provide so many holiday villa rentals in a variety of family-friendly holiday destinations.

However, travelling with children can present some additional challenges that you might not have considered. That’s why we have collected our favourite family travel bloggers so you can benefit from their wealth of experience and maybe get a few pointers to help you with your next trip with the family.

So here, in no particular order, are our Top 25 Family Travel Bloggers of 2019:

1. Ciao Bambino

This family travel blog is the perfect resource for discerning travellers. Boasting family-focused travel advice, directions and an abundant amount of information on accommodation, Ciao Bambino is a testament to the idea that travelling as a family shouldn’t cause lower standards. They also provide a fantastic travel agent service.

2. Walking On Travels

The blog for parents who don’t want to give up their passions, especially travelling. Browse destination guides, hotel reviews, restaurant recommendations and activity or event descriptions to help you plan your next trip with your kids.

3. Families Go!

This amazing site helps you plan your next family vacation by providing advice and tips from a wide community of travellers who also happen to be parents! Resources include everything travel related from destination guides, accommodation reviews and tips on how to pack your suitcase.

4. The Educational Tourist

One of the best reasons to take your kids with you as you explore the world is to broaden their horizons and let them experience the world with you. The Educational Tourist is the perfect blog if you are looking for travel tips to keep your kids entertained and educate them at the same time.

5. Family Travel Magazine

Family Travel Magazine is the perfect resource for families who are interested in travel. with guides on theme parks, hotel reviews, destination guides and travel tips, there is something for everyone on this site. Their goal is to help make travel more affordable for families and readers can often find some amazing packaged deals available.

6. Gone With The Family

Gone with the Family is a fantastic travel blog with tons of travel tips and destination guides. The site’s owner Lisa has been travelling with her kids since her first was four months old, which is simply incredible. Bonus interest for any avid Harry Potter fans out there, make sure you take a look at the abundant information available on Harry Potter themed destinations.

7. The Mother of all Trips

This cleverly named blog is the work of Mara, an award-winning writer who uses her platform to emphasise the learning potential of travelling with kids. The Mother of all Trips combines travelogue, how-to guides and general musings on motherhood to create an amazing resource for parents interested in travelling with their kids. Learn from the first-hand experience as she “brings the world to your kids and your kids to the world.”

8. Travel Mamas

Travel Mamas is a community of parents that are dedicated to providing travel tips, destination guides and reviews to help other parents take a break from their everyday lives and see the world. This blog will help you not only make the most out of travelling with your children, but also give some tips and reviews on romantic getaways for just you and your other half for when you travel without the kids.

9. Globetotting

Founded by avid travel writer Katja Gaskell, this blog is the go-to destination for those who are looking for inspiration on travelling the world with their family. Find a wealth of destination guides, accommodation reviews and plenty of travel tips to help you make the most of your trip. Globetotting is full of adventurous travel with kids, from climbing pyramids in Mexico to skiing in France.

10. Trekaroo

The Trekaroo blog is an offshoot of the Trekaroo website and is an invaluable resource for families who are interested in travel. The family travel community that contribute to this blog makes sure that it is chock full of guides, hotel reviews, booking information and activity suggestions. Everything you need to plan your next family trip.

11. The Pigeon Pair and Me

Created by travel writer Nell Heshram, The Pigeon Pair and Me documents Nell’s adventures with her family in the UK and across the world. This blog is the go-to place to get reviews of family-friendly destinations and travel tips with a personal touch. The Pigeon Pair and Me is the perfect blog to get some inspiration for your next family holiday!

12. Tin Box Traveller

Tin Box Traveller was created by Claire as a passion project but soon blossomed into a valuable resource for those interested in travelling. Claire and her family have had their passports checked in 28 countries and their blog as a wealth of information, destination guides and travel tips to help you plan your next family holiday. The Tin Box Traveller has a section dedicated to packing lists, ensuring you will be fully prepared for your next holiday.

13. The Family Adventure Project

The Family Adventure Project is the perfect place to go for inspiration for thrill-seekers and adventurers who are still keen to travel after having kids. You will find a range of family-friendly adventure holiday destinations here in both the UK and abroad. Created by husband and wife team, Stuart and Kirstie, this blog is a testament to doing adventurous things as a family.

14. Mummy Travels

Mummy Travels was created by Cathy Winston who is an avid lover of travel and excellent travel writer. Cathy is motivated by her desire to visit every country and was determined not to swap her suitcase for a pushchair and is a great example of how you can travel with kids. Mummy Travels has plenty of tips and guides to read, especially on travelling as a single parent. Additionally, Cathy’s often frank reports on travelling provides a full and authentic view on what it is like.

15. North East Family Fun

North East Family Fun is a family travel blog dedicated to sharing the adventures of Samantha and her family as they explore the UK and beyond. Samantha covers a range of destinations and holiday types from camping, family holidays in Florida and day trips in England. The blog is also a great resource for those looking for travel ideas whose kids have started to get older, as Samantha tackles the same issues with her own children and strives to go on days out the whole family can enjoy.

16. We3Travel

We3Travel is a travel blog with a difference. Instead of focusing on destination Tamara focuses her adventures on the experiences that will change her family and broaden their horizons. From cultural and educational experiences such as museums or speaking the native language to exploring a destination through its unique food, We3Travel will give you inspiration on how to make the most out of your next family holiday.

17. Jetlag & Mayhem

Jetlag & Mayhem was created by travel enthusiast Nicola to share the tips and advice that she had discovered the hard way after travelling with her 4-month old baby. This mum has been travelling the world since she as a teenager and has a wealth of experience and knowledge to pass on. With guides for destinations across the world, this blog will make planning your next family holiday a breeze.

18. The Bucket List Family

This blog is run by a 5 member family travel journalist team of mum Jessica, dad Garrett and their three kids. The Bucket List Family was started after they decided to sell everything and head out on the journey of a lifetime. This blog has a wide variety of destination guides, travel tips and inspiration for your own vacations.

19. A Modern Mother

A Modern Mother is a family travel blog created by Susanna, one of the co-founders of BritMums. Originally from the US, Susanna now lives in the UK with her husband and is an expert in family travel. Susana runs her blog as her hobby and often lets the kids voice their points of view to the blog.

20. Full Suitcase

Full Suitcase is one of those family travel blogs that will leave you full of envy and inspiration for your own travelling experience. Created by Jurga, this blog covers some amazing experiences across the globe in some fantastic destinations. There is an abundance of travel tips, guides and resources for you to browse as you plan your next family vacation.

21. Mini Travellers

Mini Travellers is a family travel blog which is dedicated to showing the world that having kids shouldn’t stop you from exploring the world. Created by Karen and her husband Matt, this blog is full of advice for every aspect of taking your kids on holiday. Mini Travellers also boasts some excellent photography alongside their interesting and detailed posts.

22. Traveling Canucks

Traveling Canucks is a family travel blog with a simple mission, to share amazing travel stories and adventures from around the world. Created by Nicole and Cameron, this blog showcases their family adventures and hopes to inspire others to follow in their footsteps and travel in the way that best appeals to them. As they say themselves, travel is very personal and means different things to different people!

23. Road Trips For Families

Road Trips For Families is a family travel blog that is dedicated to families who enjoy road trips and is a great resource to help you plan your next cross country trip. This blog is brought to you by real families who use their passion and experience to provide you with an abundance of guides, tips and advice to help make your next road trip a great experience for the whole family.

24. Where’s Sharon?

Where’s Sharon was originally started as a traditional travel blog by the blog’s namesake to keep her friends and family updated during her travels. However, after getting married and having three children, Sharon dedicated her blog to family travel and aims to provide inspiration, information and advice to families everywhere. Sharon documents the good and the bad that comes with travelling with kids and her blog is an invaluable resource.

25. Family Travel Forum

This site is dedicated to helping families plan their next trip and has a wealth of useful advice, guidance and reviews to help you plan your next trip. Search articles by destination, attractions and holiday style to help plan your holiday itinerary.

So there you have it, our Top 25 Family Travel Bloggers of 2019. Be sure to give them a read for some amazing travel tips, stories and destination reviews before your next holiday.

We also created this shiny new badge for the blogs that made it onto our list to reward them in a small way for the amazing efforts in family travel blogging.

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Florida Kissimmee Veranda Palms Your Travel Advice

An Owners Insight: Villa FL017, Florida

There are probably lots of things you would like to know about your holiday home before you arrive there.  Undoubtedly, the best people to answer your questions, and give you all the best tips about the location of their home, are the property owners themselves.

We invited Julia, the owner of Villa FL017 on Veranda Palms in Kissimmee, Florida to answer a few questions about her home and give us some insider tips about what to do when you are staying there…

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