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Villas with Hot Tubs on the Costa del Sol

Villa SP004, showing the illuminated hot tub on the rooftop terrace at night

We understand that our customers expect only the best when it comes to choosing a holiday home.  We have more villas than ever with air conditioning, Wi-Fi internet, satellite TV, music systems, pool tables and gym equipment.  It’s not just added extras inside the villa that can make your stay unforgettable though, having a private hot tub outside can make your stay extra special. Continue reading

Adding Extra Value to Our Holiday Villas

Adding Extra Value to Our Holiday Villas

These days, being cheap is simply not enough.  Panoramic Villas offer both quality AND value to our customers.

Let’s be honest, there is no shortage of holiday villas to rent. There are thousands of properties to choose from literally hundreds of websites. This means that the expectations of holidaymakers, and what they are looking for in their perfect holiday home, has also increased tenfold. Continue reading

Home Away: The Real Cost of Holiday Rentals

HomeAway the real cost of holiday rentals

There is no denying that Home Away are a holiday rental giant. Since joining forces with Expedia a year ago the company has continued to expand and it now advertises millions of holiday homes worldwide. However, backlash from owners in the US has already started as the pricing structures have changed dramatically in the last 12 months. With only those owners who choose to pay a premium getting maximum exposure. We look into the changing face of Home Away and what it means for holiday homeowners. Continue reading

Public Liability Insurance for Home Owners on the Costa del Sol

Public Liability Insurance

Are you renting your property on the Costa del Sol as a Holiday Rental offering to holidaymakers.  If yes, do you have public liability insurance? If the answer to this is NO, then the following may well prove to be extremely beneficial considering the risks you are running and the fact that there are legislation changes governing private rentals on their way. Continue reading

Panoramic Villas Supports the Eleanor Rose Foundation

Ellie's Friends Logo - Making the Big 'C' Smaller

Panoramic Villas has offered support for several charity events in the past and this year we are proud to announce that we will be supporting the Eleanor Rose Foundation, a charity that helps improve the lives of adults living with cancer. Continue reading

Villa Rental Quality vs Quantity

Panoramic Villas: Quality vs Quantity

In the Holiday Home Advertising Industry do massive multi-national holiday home advertising websites mean few if any quality checks? Here at Panoramic Villas we know they do. We’re convinced we can do a much better job. Let us convince you!

Continue reading

Do You Need a Spanish Administrator?


Property owners!  Do you need a Spanish administrator?

Many expats moving to Spain come to the conclusion – ‘we can pay everything ourselves and do everything ourselves!’ Continue reading

Heat Your Pool with Solar Energy

Solar Panels

SOLAR ENERGY, One of the very few things in life that’s FREE..

So why not use it?  In Kissimmee, Florida more and more of our home owners are realising that to heat the swimming pool will cost money, lots of money year after year.  With rising gas and electricity prices one thing is for sure; the cost of heating your pool will not drop any time soon. Continue reading

Advertise Your Holiday Home

Quality and Not Quantity Villas and Apartments

Do you want an easier way to get more bookings without the hassle or cost? Panoramic Villas can help you to advertise your holiday home, maximise your calendar, boost your profit on bookings and make your property standout in a crowded market. Continue reading

Internet in Your Holiday Home

WiFi internet access while on holiday

Internet in Your Holiday Home. Leading on from my article yesterday: Holiday Home Owners You Need the Internet, this article will look at how as a home owner you can get Internet In Your Holiday Home and make it readily available to your guests who have booked your property without it bankrupting you or causing you too many problems. Continue reading