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5 Perfect Places in Portugal for a Family Holiday

Top 5 perfect places in Portugal for a family holiday by Panoramic Villas

Portugal is a great destination for a family holiday with many attractions in all regions. Whether looking for beach relaxation, historic cities or beautiful rural scenes, visitors to this warm and sunny country are spoiled for choice.

Top 5 Places You Should Visit Near Bodrum

Top Five places to visit near Bodrum

If you are travelling to the Bodrum Peninsula on holiday you are probably dreaming of days spent lazing on the beach, sipping cocktails in bars along the seafront and generally chilling out. That is all great but Turkey has so much to offer it is a shame not to go out and explore some of…

Top 5 Tips for a Successful Girls Holiday

Enjoy some quiet time relaxing by the pool

Going away with a group of your best girl friends can be the most awesome holiday experience.  No men to ruin the endless days by the pool, cocktail drinking and reading your favourite magazines. However, it can also be your worst nightmare if things go wrong. Here are our Top 5 Tips on how to…

Top 5 eReaders

Top 5 eReaders

With baggage allowances being as they are these days thank the lord for eReaders. If, like me you get through a book a day while you are lazing on your sun lounger then an eReader is an essential travel item, unless you want to pay hundreds in excess baggage just for your books! eReaders are…

Top 5 Stag Weekend Activities on the Costa del Sol

Top 5 Stag Weekend Activities on the Costa del Sol

Planning a stag party on the Costa del Sol? If the answer is yes then you probably want to know what great activities you can get involved with. We have taken all the hard work out of planning and listed our Top 5 Stag Weekend Activities on the sunny Costa del Sol for you…

Top 5: Hen Weekend Activities in Fuengirola

Top 5 Hen Weekend Activities on the Costa del Sol

Who wants to spend a wet hen weekend in the UK when you can fly over to Fuengirola on the Costa del Sol and enjoy hours of sun, sea and sangria. There are also some pretty fabulous activities on offer in this popular resort. Here are our top 5…

Top Ten Holiday Tunes

Top 10 Holiday Tunes for this Summer

Summertime is almost here and everyone likes to listen to tunes that remind them of sunshine, sea and sangria. We have picked our Top 10 Holiday Tunes for 2014, a mix of new summery songs and some classics that will make you feel oh so summery…

Top 5 Free Travel App Games

Top Five Free Travel App Games

Why read the boring in-flight magazine on your holiday flight when you don’t have too! The majority of us have mobile phones and tablets these days so why not download a few games to keep you amused before you travel. With this in mind please find our Top 5 Free Travel App Games which work…

Top 5 Sunglasses

Top 5 Sunglasses

No holiday wardrobe is complete without the perfect pair of sunglasses. We have picked the best 5 frames that are in style so all you have to do is choose your favourite pair…

Top 5 Things to do at the Airport

Top 5 Things to do at the Airport

When you arrive at the airport and your bags are checked in this really is the start of your holiday.  Normal time ceases to exist and you can really relax and get into the holiday mood. We have compiled our Top 5 Things to do at the Airport. How many of these will you partake…