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Travel Trends in 2023

After years of lockdowns and public health restrictions, the world has officially reopened to travelers. We can finally take to the skies, seas, and roads with more confidence than we have since 2019.

International travel nearly tripled between January and July of 2022—up 172 percent from the same period in 2021, according to the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). With 2022 serving as the year of recuperation, it’s predicted that 2023 will be the year of innovation.

According to the UNWTO, the travel sector has regained over 60% of its pre-pandemic levels. 2023 will see a new way of exploring the world with a shift in why we’re looking to get away, as well as the types of vacations we take. This year, slow travel, domestic travel, or visiting a dream destination are all possibilities for travelers.

According to, 73% of people feel more optimistic about traveling in 2023 than they did the previous year. Travelers want to have a more long-term positive impact on the places and people they visit to deepen their own experiences. They also want to make more conscious decisions about how they travel, keeping the preservation of our planet in mind.

Let’s look at a few travel trends likely to influence how we see the world in 2023.

1. Responsible Travel is no longer a niche. Globetrotters are emphasizing responsible travel more and more as they want to experience a place like a local. Your effect as a traveler is more obvious when you’re bridging the gap between tourist and local and creating personal connections. According to a Virtuoso poll, customers are willing to spend extra if doing so will help the community and local economy.

2. Digital Nomadism was becoming more popular long before remote work became the norm. But, long-term digital nomadism may not be suitable for everyone. Consequently, “hush” trips have the potential to be the newest travel trend in 2023. This allows remote workers to pack their belongings and leave for a short period of time-say, a week or two-without informing their employer. They, log in, get on with work, and set aside some time for exploration.

3. Personal Growth is a consideration for travelers in 2023. Many travelers have expressed that they will be looking to improve themselves and their talents, and they will organize their excursions based on the lessons they will pick up along the way. 58% of individuals desire to travel for this reason, thus personal growth is one area they are giving priority to.

4. Budget Conscious travelers are carefully considering their travel expenditures for 2023, with 50% of respondents stating they still view vacation spending as a top financial priority. 68% of travelers are cost- conscious, choosing experiences over costly travel expenses like luxurious lodging. Millennials are the generation most likely to use the available applications and search engines to find the best prices.

5. Family Trips will be focused on human versus digital connection. Families that spent too much high-stress time together during the pandemic are looking for purposeful, bucket-list trips to reconnect and bond with each other. The post-pandemic family holiday experience is centered on broadening children’s horizons via genuine human interaction, stressing “green time” over screen time.

We can see that in 2023 there will be an emphasis on meaningful and sustainable travel and even more attention to the activities you participate in once you arrive at your destination.

We hope that this brief list of travel trends will inspire you as you explore what form of travel might be in store for you in 2023.

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