5 Reasons a Marbella Villa is Better than a Hotel

Known as the pride of the Costa del Sol stretches almost 30 kilometres of gorgeous Marbella villas, beaches, hotels, and golf courses buttressed by the Sierra Blanca mountains and right next to the stunning Mediterranean sea. Marbella town has something to offer everyone, and is famed for its ‘Golden Mile’ of nightclubs which leads to Puerto Banus marina, mooring place of celebs on holiday and the centre of an unbeatable ring of boutiques, bars, and restaurants.

Like anywhere in the Costa del Sol, proximity to the sea and tributary rivers guarantees a mild climate year-round. That’s over 320 days of sunny weather, ideal whether you want to holiday in or out of the summer holidays.

Marbella, Costa del Sol

Marbella on Spain’s Costa del Sol attracts thousands of tourists each year

So, what’s the best way to enjoy Marbella? There are many hotels in the area, though they vary in quality and you’ll have to trawl independent review sites to find one you can trust. Alternatively, there are Marbella villas. These private, pristine sources of accommodation beat staying in a hotel by a country mile, and we have five reasons to prove it.

Marbella Villas

1. Privacy

There’s nothing like the privacy of a villa – not having to share the pool with screaming children, not having to hear the argument of the couple in the next room, not having to shuffle to breakfast with the other 50 people sharing the buffet.

With a Marbella villa, you’re not answerable to the whims and bad behaviour of those around you, and you’re not hurting anyone with your own choices – want to listen to your music by the pool? Go for it! Want to sleep in and have breakfast when YOU want it? Go for it!

2. The best views

Ever struggled with a hotel not just to get the best views, but to agree what constitutes a ‘view’ in the first place? Marbella villas predate hotels, and claimed all the best views for themselves way before the towering buildings that ended up being constructed wherever they could find planning permission. If you want the best views of Marbella, you need a villa.

Villa SP330, Marbella

In a private villa you can enjoy your own private pool. Pictured: Villa SP330, Las Chapas, Marbella

3. Unparalleled amenities

Marbella villas come with amazing amenities, and there’s no chance that another guest is going to clog the group toilets or send the oven haywire (unless you plan to bring someone clumsy, of course). Pools that don’t get closed down because someone’s been messing around, lights that haven’t been flickering for months, and the comfort of knowing that you can keep your belongings anywhere without worrying about casual thieves.

4. Peace of mind

Book with Panoramic Villas and you’ll receive the peace of mind of knowing that your villa has been checked and confirmed by a trained expert. Amenities, features, and views will be exactly as advertised, there’ll be no last minute surprises, and any payments will be secure and easy to make. Hotels can’t claim the same – they’re simply serving too many people at once to be able to guarantee such a reliable experience.

Beach Marbella

Wherever you stay in Marbella you can enjoy luxurious beach clubs

5. Having it your way

Staying at a hotel means that – like it or not – you’re playing by someone else’s rules. They limit what you can do, when you can do it, and how long you can do it for. Transport, amenities, fellow guests, nightlife – it’s all out of your hands. Not so with a villa, where, for the duration of your stay, what you say goes.

Those were the five reasons why you should choose a Marbella villa over a hotel. Need a sixth reason? Choice! The areas’ few hotels compete tooth and nail for each other’s customers, but villas don’t need to bring in such bulk. That means that more of them stay open, allowing you to stay exactly where you want. Of course, you don’t need to believe us – check out our Marbella Villas for yourself, where you’ll find the best villas in Marbella at unbeatable prices.

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