Costa del Sol Mijas

Activities and Attractions in Mijas, Costa del sol

Enjoy a Yoga or Massage Session in MijasIf you’re planning a villa holiday in Mijas this year, then you’ll want to know what to see and what to do. Here are just a few of the many activities and attractions you could do on your villa holiday in Mijas, Costa del sol.


Rock climbing/Bouldering

Within the botanical gardens of Parque Muralla, which is close to the bull ring and the auditorium, there is a rock gorge which has been professionally customised and adapted for rock climbing and bouldering. The rock climbing facilities are free for both professionals and amateurs.  The added attraction is that anyone climbing the gorge will also have a spectacular view of the coast.

Walking and hiking

Mijas is a wonderful destination for anyone who likes hiking and mountain walking. There are several routes leading into the hills directly behind the pueblo. These routes are clearly marked from the road and throughout the trails. A free route map can be obtained from the local tourist office.

Some walks are easy and quick to complete: others, however, are more strenuous and time-consuming.  What every walk shares are spectacular views of the surrounding countryside and the distant Mediterranean.  If you want to venture a little further there are forest walks out towards Osanillas.


Mijas has several retreats which offer yoga and massage courses. Most of these, however, are run as part of a package.  At the entrance to the Mijas pueblo there is a yoga centre called Bio-yoga. The centre has spa facilities and offers courses in Ayurveda Massage. Bio-yoga also sells natural products like cosmetics, essential oils and clothes.


Mijas Park

The beautiful Park Miralla stands on the grounds of an original Moorish fortress that once occupied this vantage point. The park is the home to some stunning botanical gardens and an auditorium and offers breath-taking views of the coast. From here it’s just a short walk to both the church, ‘Iglesia de la Inmaculada Concepcion’ and the bull ring, Plaza de Toros.

Plaza de Toros

Dating back to 1900 and located in the centre of the Mijas pueblo, there is the bullring. Bullfighting takes place exclusively during the summer months on Sundays from 18:30. The quadrangular-shaped bullring is unique but well worthy of a visit.

Ethnological Museum of Mijas

The Museum has a range of exhibits of tools and utensils of the local farming and fishing industries along with old photographs showing the Mijas of old. The Museum also has a working oil mill and well-stocked wine cellar. On the first floor there is a special room which exhibits the paintings and photography of local artists. Entrance to the museum is free, and there are often wine tastings during festivals.

Mijas Museum of Miniatures

Created by the travel adventurer and hypnotist, Professor Max, the Mijas Miniature Museum showcases over 360 pieces collected during his travels around the world, including a reproduction of Leonardo Da Vinci’s famous “Last Supper” carved on a grain of rice.

Mijas Wine Museum

Anyone with an interest in wine will appreciate Mijas Wine Museum. It’s a fascinating attraction where wine lovers will get the chance to learn directly from professional oenologists and to try wine from all the denominations of origin throughout Spain. The wine list includes Cava’s, sweet Malaga wine, noble wines, table wines, white Rioja’s, reds and roses along with gourmet food to enhance the experience, such as flavoured salts, cream syrup, balsamic jams and olive oils.

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