Archaeological remains are discovered in Mijas

First ever remains of the Bronze Age are discovered in Mijas!

Do you find history fascinating? Hire a Mijas Villa, hop on a plane and discover the history surrounding the area and in Mijas. Archaeological excavations have begun in the wall of Mijas Pueblo by the Department of Heritage Hall of Mijas. They have discovered artefacts dating back to the Bronze Age, the first listed on the Costa del Sol- it is believed to be an axe and sixteen pieces of ceramic. The findings are proving that human settlements were in Mijas way before historical data shows.

This is just  the tip of the iceberg and  these archaeological findings will make Mijas a massive cultural reference within the Costa del Sol. It is now not only going to be known for donkeys and burros, but for a historical landmark.

These excavations have been a great challenge , there has never been anything before this that has discovered the underlying history in and around Mijas. There is proof in the municipal archives that suggest that the surroundings of ‘La Muralla’ hold the original medieval town of Mijas. It is also suspected that there were settlements from previous periods, which has led to the excavations.

Obviously these sites are new and still under excavations form the experts. However if you interested in archaeology there are many other sites to explore. Tourists and travellers have voted that Teatro Romano de Malaga as the best near Mijas. There are 3 more near Antequera 33km from Mijas and 1 near Torre del Mar 35km distant. There are 14 archaeological sites in Andalusia.

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