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Don’t be a Victim of Theft on Your Holiday

Don't be a victim of holiday theft by Panoramic Villas

This is not a subject anyone wants to think about or envisage, however, in short, it can go a very long way to spoiling your holiday. Unfortunately theft on holiday does happen, we witness it all too often, especially as the summer winds up the heat rises, the vino flows and the guard drops. 

Whilst we want you to be able to relax on your holiday we also urge you to take great care. Do not imagine for a moment that theft is something that happens to others; it can never happen to you…It can!

Holidaymakers are usually quick to blame the villa owner, bar owner or anyone but themselves. However, the fact is that 99% of all robberies can be avoided if holidaymakers acted with a little more diligence. Thieves are opportunists; don’t give them that opportunity.

A selection of holiday valuables on display
A selection of holiday valuables on display

We have seen this situation lots of times; clients arrive at their villa, they are excited, two seconds later they are in the swimming pool. But the gates to the villa and the doors to the house are wide open… laptops, iPads, iPhones and all their holiday money is lying on the kitchen table or on the bed… Just waiting for an opportunist thief to walk in and help themselves.

Do not make it easy for thieves to get the opportunity to take your valuables. Follow these simple steps to ensure you and your valuables stay safe this holiday season:

  • Lock the gates to your holiday home AT ALL TIMES. Make sure front and back entrances are secured.
  • Lock the doors to the property (front and back) at all times. You are especially vulnerable when in the pool or if you go out for an evening meal and do not secure the property.  Whenever possible also keep all windows closed, and (where provided) make sure wrought iron wreckers and or security shutters are closed.
  • If valuables are left in the house either keep them in the safe of hide them as best you can.
  • Do not let anyone into the house and grounds unless you know them, they are your rep/owner and or pool technician/gardener. These people will have their own gate keys anyway and will be introduced to you. Anyone who arrives at the gate saying they have come to clean the house, check electrics, water or anything at all; do not under any circumstances let them in.
  • Do not leave valuables in your hire car.
  • When you are walking around the town or in bars and restaurants always keep your eye on your valuables, this includes your bag, purse and watch. Do not put your bag on the next chair to the side of you, it only takes a seconds distraction and your holiday is spoilt.

Be safe, not sorry and most importantly have an enjoyable holiday!

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