Costa del Sol Fuengirola

Fuengirola for Children

In my recent Blog on the Heart of Fuengirola I focussed on some of the places you should eat in, drink in and visit around the stunning, Plaza de la Constitution in Fuengirola. This was all well and good for the adults but what about the children?

This article highlights just some of the best points about being a child at the cultural heart of Fuengirola. The first item on the list is a visit to the Cafeteria Costa del Sol which is just a few steps from the white washed church that takes centre stage on the Plaza. In this superbly presented Cafeteria you will find an old Spanish favourite – Churro’s with chocolate sauce. If you are watching your waistline then please avoid but if you aren’t or you really deserve that treat then get stuck in.

One Churros is enough for two unless you really want to supercharge the kids. The cafe is set in a very cosmopolitan style with a huge ornate wooden counter that stretches the length of the room.  There is plenty of space to sit inside but the terrace area is the place to be as you watch people go by or gaze back out across the main Plaza. The cafe offers incredible cakes, coffees, speciality teas and every alcoholic spirit you have ever heard of.

If you are looking for a little something to assuage the guilt then the freshly squeezed fruit juices are just the ticket and go a long way to covering your five a day. The cafe is clean and offers a friendly welcome with wheelchair access.

Once the children are live wired it is time to burn off that energy. As you come out of the Cafe take a left and head down the street. You will soon come to the end where across the road and directly in front of you is every Childs dream of a perfect playground. The playground is fenced off with only a few access points making it easy to keep an eye on your children. The entire floor is cushioned so any trips or falls go unnoticed. The huge palm trees that are inset throughout the park offer shade to all its users.

As you unleash the kids to the varying slides, swings, see-saws, climbing apparatus and spring loaded rocking horses you can take a leisurely seat in the cafe that serves the parks users. The cafe comes in the form of a Tiki Hut with an open and covered terrace area. Every seat gives you a vantage point of the park so you can sit back with your drink and light lunch whilst the children do all the hard work. The cafe is licensed so you can even keep cool with a beer or wine should the requirement strike you. Hot and cold food is served including drinks and snacks for the children.

If after all that eating and drinking you feel like you need to follow in the kids footsteps and burn off some calories then you will be pleased to find the gym equipment at the back of the park that allows you to use your own body weight to keep fit.

Once everyone is done it is back to the Tiki Hut Cafe for ice creams all round!

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