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Fuengirola Run in the Sun

At Panoramic Villas we believe that every holiday should involve relaxation, enjoyment and all the things you don’t get to do or indulge in when you are at home.

We also believe some exercise on your holiday will leave you feeling better about yourself and that first drink or 3-course meal will taste just that bit better.

With that in mind Panoramic offer you the Personal Trainer which has exercises you can do on holiday. We are also introducing our Run in the Sun feature. The first run is the Fuengirola Run in the Sun.

Fuengirola is blessed with award-winning Blue Flag beaches that stretch as far as the eye can see. If you are looking for that ideal 5-mile run that allows you to take in stunning vistas whilst scouting out the best eateries on the Promenade of Fuengirola then this is for you.

To start your run make your way down to the Yaramar Hotel in Los Boliches, Fuengirola. If you stand with the Hotel to your back and look out to sea and turn to your left you will be setting out in the right direction. If you are only planning one run a week then Sunday is the day, as it is free parking all day along the front. The best time for your run is as early as possible in order to avoid the midday heat but no matter what time you arrive you won’t be alone.

You will be joined by roller-bladers, dog-walkers, cyclists, power-walkers, people just out for a stroll or other like-minded runners. You will also see people using the beach exercise areas which you may want to use as a warm-up.

Set off at your preferred pace. It may help to target a walker or jogger in the distance to give you that early impetus. The first mile sees you passing hotels, apartments and cafes to your left but the real views are to your right where you will see individual restaurants such as Playa Martin. Their BBQ converted from a fishing boat offers the catch of the day and a wonderful wood-burning aroma as you pass by.

The promenade isn’t the only place for activity. At different sections of the beach you will see people playing sports that range from Beach Volleyball to French Boules. You eventually come to a roundabout and the end of a road. Drop down onto the beach and pick up the wooden boardwalk. At this point you cross the border into Benalmadena. A quick hop over a sea inlet will see you passing an array of beach houses and cafes. Don’t stop off for a drink just yet!

The Kalifato Seafood Restaurant is on your left as you continue along the boardwalks. The secluded beach of the the Kalifato restaurant is definitely worth a visit when you are not exerting yourself. As the trail comes to an end you join a stone path that leads away from the last of the buildings, this is where your effort really starts to pay off. To your left are tall flowing wild grasses whilst to your right the sea laps up against the sandy shore. Dead ahead is the old Benalmadena lighthouse. As you reach the base of the lighthouse you will see a flight of stairs. If you really want to push yourself you can include these into your run for some stamina training. If not, keep the steps to your left and continue along the track. The rocks to your right are a favourite place for Cormorants (or Shags if you are from Australia).

Here the beach has dropped away and the sea crashes up on the rocks below. If you have timed your run right then the sun will be glimmering off the sea and giving an effect you will long remember. The path eventually comes to a halt and you drop onto your very own sandy cove. The sand has a draining effect on the legs but it is worth every sweat-filled second. As you hit the sheer rocks ahead you will reach 2.5 miles exactly.

At this point do a 180-degree turn and head back the way you came enjoying the sights and sounds you missed on your way up.

If running isn’t your thing this route is a great walk or if 5 miles isn’t enough then park on Fuengirola Marina and head out from there. This will give you a 7-mile run.

If you feel guilty about leaving your partner with the children then bring them down with you and they can take advantage of all the different play-areas on the beach. They can then join you for a celebratory drink, non-alcoholic of course. Next to the Yaramar Hotel is Yogur Ice which will provide you with the refreshing healthy treat you need.

View our Villas In Fuengirola today and book yourself some fun in the sun!

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