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Getting Married in Spain

Getting married abroad is more popular than ever.  The main attraction is the weather.  Let’s face it if you book a wedding in the UK in ‘summertime’ there’s a high risk of getting soaked before the speeches!  However, getting married overseas is not without its difficulties.  After speaking with my friend who has spent the last 12 months planning her big day in Spain (the wedding is next Friday and I’m bridesmaid!) here are just a few things that you may need to think about if you decide to jet off somewhere warm to get hitched…

Consider the costs… Even if you choose a cheaper venue to get married in the cost of getting married abroad can escalate.  You have to consider that you are probably going to need at least a couple of trips over to your chosen destination before you even get married so the cost of flights and accommodation for these trips also need to be considered.  Accommodation for the bridal party and for guests can be one of the big expenses, remember if you get married closer to home all you need is a minibus to get you home; the likelihood is that you and guests will need at least 2 nights’ accommodation if you get married abroad.  The cost of excess luggage for the bridal party cannot be underestimated either…wedding dresses are not easy to fit in your hand luggage!

Consider how many guests you want there…  Asking people to travel thousands of miles for your big day is a big deal.  It may be that people can’t make it because of finances or work commitments.  If you are planning on getting married abroad give people as much notice as possible and remember that people in professions such as teaching will only be able to travel at peak times of the year which means flights and accommodation are going to be at their most expensive.  It is likely that you will end up with a smaller wedding party.  This isn’t always a bad thing though, it means that you’ll hopefully just have all the people that matter most to you there (and you can always throw another party for everyone else to celebrate with you when you get home!)

Consider the climate… This is a pretty obvious one but if you get married in Spain in August the chances are it’s going to be pretty hot.  Now I’m a total sun worshipper and if I’m laid on my lounger with a pool to flop into on a regular basis as far as I’m concerned the hotter it is, the better.  However, if I’m all made up and trussed up in a bridesmaid dress it is not quite so much fun in 32 degrees.  My friend has done the sensible thing and opted for an evening wedding which means it is going to be a few degrees cooler for everyone and it also means we all get a full days sunshine to enjoy before the wedding begins.  This brings me on to my next point…

Remember to sunbathe sensibly…  The last thing you want if you are wearing a lovely strapless dress is huge white strap marks and red raw skin never looks good on photos!  Cover up or wear lots of sunscreen on the run up to the wedding and remember to pack your bandeau bikini to avoid strap marks.

Think about what sort of service you want… If you have always dreamed of a church wedding then getting married abroad may not be for you.  Religious customs and rules can be very different and may not allow you to marry in a church in your chosen destination.  In Spain, for example they are primary strict Roman Catholic so unless you are prepared to follow their traditions a church wedding is probably best avoided.  My friend has opted for an outside ceremony near the beach which is what you really want in such a stunning coastal location.

So there are just a few things to consider.  I’ll give you the lowdown of how things went on the Costa del Sol when I return.   I’m sure it will be a day to remember!

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