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Hillview Gardens Becomes Yalikavak Holiday Gardens

An unfortunate set of circumstances have recently led to the Hillview Gardens resort in Yalikavak, Turkey to change its name to the Yalikavak Holiday Gardens resort.

Hillview Gardens Resort changes name to Yalikavak Holiday Gardens Resort

This change is an enforced one due to a patent complaint from the Hillside Su Hotel which is located in Fethiye in Turkey. This is actually the second name change since 2009. The same hotel began court proceedings against the developers of the then named Hillside Gardens resort, Yalikavak. Again on the basis that the newly established resort was using a brand name that was attributed to their hotel and as such were benefiting from their good name.

With court action pending, the resort was compliant and duly altered the resort name to the improved title of Hillview Gardens Resort. It has since been deemed that this new name holds too much of a similarity to the previous resort name of Hillside Gardens as the words Hill and Gardens are still in operation. As a result a further dispute was raised and another name change was enforced.

The property owners and the staff on the resort have acted promptly and with vigour to move this disappointing situation along. This swift action has helped to ensure no disruption is experienced by holidaymakers who are having or wish to have their holiday on the Yalikavak Holiday Gardens resort.

Owners Vote for ‘Yalikavak Holiday Gardens

Newly renamed Holiday Gardens Resort in Yalikavak, previously named Hillview GardensThe new change went through a very democratic process with every owner on the resort being provided with online ballot papers where they were able to vote for their favourite and their second favourite names. The names were compiled from a list of names that the property owners had suggested. This ensured a fair and open process with all owners who have the resorts best interests at heart to be fully involved in the new name choice.

The name choice was a popular one both in terms of providing a title that was memorable and appealing. It also helped companies like Panoramic Villas, who advertise the Villas and Apartments on the resort, to ensure that holidaymakers making future searches through the search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, etc can deliver a relevant result. The fact that the resort is in Yalikavak and it is one of the best resorts in Turkey to take a holiday makes the new name an obvious choice.

Whilst this is all positive it is unfortunate that all the effort put in by the property owners and staff at Hillview Gardens will lose the goodwill that the resort name currently holds. There will also be a level of confusion that people searching for Hillview Gardens but finding Yalikavak Holiday Gardens will experience.

This, however, will be overcome and the Yalikavak Holiday Gardens resort will go from strength to strength and continue to increase its popularity as a top holiday resort. The final date for the official switch over is yet to be confirmed but the change is happening, in fact the road signs and resort name plaque has already been changed.

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