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How to Beat the Post-Holiday Blues (Or Try to Anyway)

Coming home from holiday is always pretty miserable!  No matter how much you want to get home and see your loved ones or the family dog, leaving that sunshine and carefree living behind is not enjoyable.

Having just returned from a week away I have found using a few ‘survival tactics’ to get me through the transition to normality has helped me battle the post-holiday blues…

  1. Try and avoid falling into the ‘this time last week’ trap.  We’ve all done it, the minute you land back on home soil all you can think about is where you were and what you were doing ‘this time last week.’  Torturing yourself in this way will do you no good whatsoever, you have to try and move on!
  2. Plan something fun to do on your fist week at home.  You spend so long counting down to your holiday that when you get back you feel you have nothing to look forward to.  Plan a big night out (show off the tan), a family day out or a gathering so that you can regale all your friends with tales of your amazing holiday!
  3. Do some exercise.  This may not be the most appealing thing, and the first trip back to the gym after a week of over indulging is always daunting, but it will make you feel loads better if you sweat it out at the gym!  Get those endorphins going and start work on your bikini body for your next break.
  4. Get your pictures on Facebook.  Jealousy-inducing pictures are always good so get them onto your social media profiles and wait for the comments to come rolling in.  Don’t spend too long looking at these pictures though as it could set your recovery back (see point 1.)
  5. Treat yourself to some nice food and a few drinks.  If you cut off the supply of delicious food and the odd alcoholic drink immediately it may be too much of a shock so treat yourself to some nice dinners during the first week of being home.
  6. Plan your next holiday.  There is no point dwelling on not being on holiday.  Why not get online and start searching for your next break in the sunshine!  Having a holiday to look forward to, no matter how far away it may seem, will ease the pain of being in the cold and wet.  So, what are you waiting for?  Start searching for your Perfect Holiday Home now with Panoramic Villas.
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