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Keeping Your Valuables Safe on Holiday

The last thing on your mind when you jet off on holiday is being robbed while you are away.  Neither should it be your first concern as it is unlikely that this will happen.  However, with rising unemployment almost everywhere and more and more people taking smartphones, iPads and other valuable possessions away with them, thieves view relaxed holidaymakers as an easy target.

The purpose of this post is not to alarm you, but simply to advise you on how to make sure that your valuables are kept safe while you are out basking in the sunshine.

When goods are taken the first route for the holidaymaker to take is to blame someone else, and quite rightly so.  However, most of the time thieves will target people that give them the opportunity to rob them so it’s all about being vigilant.  The police in Spain, or other European countries for that matter, are not renowned for being the most helpful of people so it is best to avoid putting yourself in a situation where your goods could be stolen in the first place.  Spending an afternoon at the police station is never good fun while you are on holiday!


Here are some guidelines to ensure your valuables stay safe while you are away:

If you’re in the pool around the back of the house, make sure the front of the house and all doors and windows at the front of the property are locked at all times.

Make sure the gates to the house and the driveway are locked at all times if possible.

Do not ever let anyone into the house, thieves often masquerade as cleaners or call just asking for a drink of water or to use the toilet.  Unless it is your owner’s representative or pool cleaner do not let them in.

If the house has a safe use it!  Unfortunately not all houses have a safe, that’s life, in which case lock up and secure the house and hide your valuables as best you can, do not leave them visible on the bed or on top of surfaces.  It is a good idea to have a padlock on your case so you can securely zip things up in here if there is no safe.

Opportunist thieves always target small valuables and easy to carry items such as IPads, phones, jewellery and money.  Keep them locked away or  hidden away.  Don’t leave them out charging while you are not in the house.

Always lock up your car.  Make sure the car windows are fully up and no valuables are left visible.

You are at you most vulnerable when you are relaxed and off guard; don’t let your holiday be spoilt.

Take out holiday insurance, although typically this will not ever fully compensate you for the true value of the goods or the heartache of it happening to you it does mean that you will at least get some compensation.  Report any thefts to the police immediately to get your crime number for your insurance claim.

Most importantly relax and enjoy your holiday.  If you follow these common sense, simple rules you should not encounter any problems.  Take care.


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