Kids UV Suits

Getting sun cream onto kids who just want to run around and bomb into the pool all day can be a nightmare. There is a way of keeping your children protected from the sun and looking cool – UV suits! UV suits look just like mini wetsuits but they also have a sun protection factor in the material so you kids can race about and jump in the pool all they want without getting burnt. The UV protection in the suits can vary so check this when you buy the clothing but they generally range from factor 15 to factor 50. The suits are also great for children with sensitive skin as they won’t irritate them as some creams do. Here’s our choice of the coolest UV suits on offer for children.

Tuga Red Shark Print UV Shirt and Board Shorts Set

Red Shark UV Suit

Tuga Red Shark UV Suit

Available on The Beach Factory this cool camouflage shark print shorts and top will make your child look like a surf dude with attitude! The shorts and top have an SPF of 50+ so there is no need to worry about your cool dude burning. The set costs £36.95.

Girls Sun Busters UV Swim Suit

UV Suit

Girls Sun Busters UV Suit

This one is for the girls that want to stand out from the crowd and stay safe in the sun! Available in vibrant pink this wetsuit blocks out 98% of the sun rays and it’s perfect for a day at the beach. The fabric is also chlorine resistant so it won’t damage in the pool. Available from Suntogs this costs £29.95 and it is also available in blue for the boys (or non-girly girls!)

Snapper Rock Posey Stripe UV Sunsuit

Snapper Rock UV suit

Snapper Rock Stripe UV Sunsuit

Cool New Zealand label Snapper Rock are specialists in 50+ UV protection swimwear for children of all ages. Its UV suit can fit babies from 6 months upwards and they come in a range of brilliant colours and designs. They are not cheap at £30.95 for a suit for 6-12 months but they will give you peace of mind if you are travelling with a young baby and your child will look impossibly cute as well!

So now you have got your kids the coolest UV gear you just need to find some sunshine for them to get out in! Book your next Panoramic Villas sunshine holiday now, just click here to view our range of villas and apartments in sunny destinations.

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