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Lizarran Tapas Bar Fuengirola

There are of course a myriad of bars and restaurants for you to visit on your holiday to Fuengirola on the Costa del Sol. If, however, you are looking for a different and exciting eating experience that allows you to enjoy and throw yourself into the Spanish culture then a visit to the Lizarran Tapas Bar, Fuengirola, is a must.

The Lizarran tapas bar can be found in the Chinorros Plaza in Fuengirola. It is just a 200 yard walk from the seafront but is situated in a plaza that offers a feel of real Spain with its fine architecture combined with a modern ambience created by the new bars and eateries that fill the square.

Lizarran offers seating both inside and out so if you want to enjoy the sunshine then the terrace area is perfect. Inside you are best placed to view all the incredible Tapas that are on offer. Inside the restaurant is situated across two floors so there is plenty of space. As you walk in you will see the superbly presented and very fresh Tapas that have just come through from the open kitchen.

Selection of Tapas
There is a wide selection of tapas on offer

The restaurant is modern, bright and clean. There are bar stools around the main counter as well as around the restaurant whilst the back wall has comfortable booth style seats. There are also some low rise tables and chairs which are ideal for the children. High Chairs are provided for babies which is often not the case in many eateries in Fuengirola.

You are made to feel very welcome by the multi lingual staff that will have no problem taking your varied food and drinks order.

If you have a sweet tooth then an early morning visit is a must. You will be able to sample some of the best cakes and delicacies you have ever tried; on or off a stick.

There are three main ways in which to order your food. You can either have a Tapas on a small stick at 1.40 Euro, Tapas on a large stick at 1.80 Euro or a Raciones (plate) of Tapas for just 4.90 Euros. The selection is endless and you can choose from the daily specials menu off the board or from the menu which is offered in both Spanish and English.

If you make your trip at night then you may well have to wait for a table but the wait will be worth it and you can always have a beer or wine whilst you enjoy the vibrant and lively atmosphere. Once you are at your seat you will hear the bell chime and waiters will appear with platters of Tapas on sticks that you can help yourself too. The waiters just keep a running total for you that you settle at the end of your stay when you can no longer fit in anymore Tapas or drink.

If you love Tapas you will be sure to love Lizarran.

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