Panoramic Villas Take Off with Monarch Airlines

Panoramic Villas are proud to announce that we will be advertising our services on Monarch Airlines, the UK’s largest independent charter airline.

Over 7 million passengers fly with Monarch each year and now they will be able to see our full page advert in the inflight magazine! Panoramic Villas are committed to making sure your property gets the best marketing possible and gets seen by millions!

Panoramic Villas Monarch 2012 advert reaching out to more than 7 million passengers with a simple message - Holiday Home Rental Made Easy... Look, Click, Book!MONARCH IS ONE OF THE UK’S LEADING AIRLINES

Monarch fly to over 100 destinations worldwide and their reasonable airfares mean that a variety of passengers fly with Monarch; from families with young children through to golfing parties and older travellers.

Advertising with Monarch means that we already have a diverse, captive audience that like to travel looking at our advert and in turn renting your holiday home! The inflight magazine is full of great travel, fashion and lifestyle features as well as special offer so make sure you pick up a copy next time you fly with Monarch.

The Panoramic Villas full page advert will be appearing in the Monarch Airlines 2012 magazines throughout the year.


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