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Planning a Holiday for Large Groups

Planning a holiday for large groups by Panoramic Villas

Holidays are one of the few times throughout the year that you get to sit back and relax with loved ones. Maybe this means a romantic getaway for two or maybe it means planning a holiday for 15 people. If it’s the latter then one thing is for sure; you will need a plan of action as the more people you have to organise, the harder things become. Here are our top tips for booking a holiday for a large group to help you…

Agree on Travel Dates and Check Annual Leave

The first thing you need to ensure when you are travelling as a large group is that all members can take time out of work or school to come on holiday. If you have children in your group make sure you check the different school term dates as these can vary between regions and schools. It’s no use booking a holiday and then discovering half of you can’t travel at that time. Book off your annual leave before you do anything else.

The hardest part of organising a large group holiday is agreeing on the travel dates
The hardest part of organising a large group holiday is agreeing on the travel dates

Book Early

If you want to ensure availability then booking early is essential when lots of you want to travel together. The more people you have to satisfy in your group, the more difficult it is to find flights and accommodation that suit everyone’s needs. Get together as a group and decide on where you want to go, what are the essential things you want like a barbecue, the ability to walk to the beach etc. If you are travelling in peak times like summer holidays we suggest booking your holiday before Christmas or the year before. January is the month when EVERYONE books and you will find it harder to get what you want if you wait until then.

Decide on Your Accommodation Type

When travelling as a large group, booking one large villa is always going to offer you the best value for money. For example, a week in July in a Villa that sleeps 18 people in Fuengirola, Spain costs £2795 compared with a week in a 3 star hotel in Fuengirola which costs on average £4000 for the same dates. You also get the added bonus of a private pool, spacious living and dining areas and lots of private outside space in the villa. It’s a no brainer; villas offer better facilities and more space for less money. However, living together in one house can cause tensions so make sure everyone is happy with this, work out who needs private bathroom facilities or privacy the most. Some large villas have separate apartments with them where couples with children or more elderly members of your party may want to stay. Make sure you check out the layout of any potential villas before you book to avoid any surprises.

A private villa boasts many benefits including its own private pool, comfy sun loungers and more!
A private villa boasts many benefits including its own private pool, comfy sun loungers and more!

Reserve Your Accommodation before You Book Flights

If you are travelling to a popular holiday destination airport like Malaga the chances are that there are going to be lots of flights available. Good accommodation for larger groups is harder to find than a flight so pay the deposit to secure your chosen holiday home before you arrange your flight. Use a search tool like Skyscanner to view all available flights and get the best deal. If different members of your group are travelling from different airports you may want to coordinate arrival times as much as possible so that you can share transport from your destination airport. Flights also tend to be cheaper just before Christmas if your budget can stretch to booking them just before the festive season.

Be Sure of Payment and Cancellation Terms

Getting money out of people can be difficult so make sure you check the payment terms for your holiday accommodation. If you book your holiday villa with Panoramic Villas you have the choice of paying in incremental payments and also allowing members of your party to log in to your personal holiday account to make payments from their chosen debit or credit card, giving you greater freedom and also sharing the responsibility of payment between the group. Make sure you check the date that the balance payment is due to avoid incurring late payment charges or cancellation of your booking. So there you have it, our quick guide to booking your holiday for a large group. Check out our selection of Large Villas to Rent and find your perfect holiday home today.

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