School Holidays 2014 -2015

With the government cracking down more than ever before on children taking holidays in term time, it is essential that you know when you can book your next Villa Holiday without being fined a hefty sum for doing so.

Here is our guide to school holiday for 2014/15.  If you have younger children you may want to also check our the pick of our Child Friendly Villas.

Although flights can be more expensive during the school holidays we always have a range of great properties to suit all budgets so you can save on accommodation.  Feel free to Contact Us to discuss the best deals on offer and let us help you to find your perfect holiday home.

*Please note that term times can vary slightly depending on your location in the UK so please check with your local schools authority before booking your holiday.

School Holidays 2014

School Holiday Dates
February Half Term 24 February – 28 February
Easter Holiday 7 April – 21 April
Summer Half Term 26 May – 30 May
Summer Holidays 23 July – 1 September
October Half Term 25 October – 2nd November
Christmas Holiday 20 December – 4 January 2015

School Holidays 2015

School Holiday Dates
February Half Term 14 February – 22 February
Easter Holiday 3 April – 19 April
Summer Half Term 23 May – 31st May
Summer Holidays 22 July – 5 September
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