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Top 5 Tips for a Successful Girls Holiday

Going away with a group of your best girl friends can be the most awesome holiday experience.  No men to ruin the endless days by the pool, cocktail drinking and reading your favourite magazines. However, it can also be your worst nightmare if things go wrong. Here are our Top 5 Tips on how to have a successful girl’s holiday…

Get the Evening Shower Routine Sorted in Advance

If you are sharing a villa or apartments with a group of girls the ‘getting ready routine’ has to be timed to perfection to avoid arguments, or not leaving your holiday home until 2am due to the amount of time it has taken to get everyone ready. There is always one girl that takes forever to straighten her hair, apply makeup and choose her outfit so make sure she gets in the shower first.  She may not want to peel herself off her sun lounger but if she’s the slowest she’ll just have to do it.

Don’t Compare Yourself to Your Mates

The chances are that you will be spending hours sat around in bikinis looking at your mates and wishing you were thinner, browner, had straighter hair or longer eyelashes like her. Don’t waste your time thinking about this. If you were born with red hair and pale skin you are never going to turn the deep shade of mahogany that your olive skinned friend will. No one cares what you look like in a bikini except you so let it go and enjoy yourself!

Cocktails on the beach
Enjoy cocktails on the beach but don’t overdo it!

Drink in Moderation

No one likes a party pooper but no one also likes having to look after their friend at 3am while she vomits up a days’ worth of white wine. When the sun is out and you are chilling out on holiday it’s easy to get stuck into a few afternoon drinks; that’s fine but maybe have a break before a few evening drinks if you start early, otherwise you won’t remember your holiday and you will probably end up falling out with half of your friends while you are in a drunken stupor as well.

If Your Friend Fancies Jose, Leave Him Alone

Holiday romances are pretty much a waste of time at the best of times but if you find you and your friend fancy the same ‘charming’ waiter then it will only end in tears. It’s best to leave men out of the equation all together on a girl’s holiday and just enjoy spending some quality time with your mates. Jose will move on to the next tourist by next week anyway.

Relax by the pool
Enjoy some quiet time relaxing by the pool

Allow Yourself (and each other) Some ‘Me’ Time

If you are travelling in a group, even a group of your very best friends, it is always good to just take some time to relax by yourself. Put your headphones in and listen to your favourite tunes, go for a run or simply read your Kindle by the pool. If you spend every minute together you will start to drive each other mad!

So there you have our tips for ensuring you have the most fun possible on your girl’s holiday. Now all you need is the perfect villa to relax in. We have a great selection of Large Villas, Villas with Private Pools and Villas with WiFi so that you can keep everyone back home up to date with your endless days spent chilling by your pool with a cold drink in hand. Enjoy!

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