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The 5 Best Places to eat Churros on the Costa del Sol

Churros are more than just a holiday indulgence – they’re a Spanish staple, enjoyed all year round, and a daily breakfast for many households on the Costa del Sol.

A great Churro is fried until crisp, but is not greasy, and the distinctive star-shaped piping adds the all-important ridges to grab a hold of the chocolate sauce when dunked.
If you’re planning a stay in one of our Rental Villas on the Costa del Sol ¬†then you’ll be right in the heart of Churro country – and here’s our pick of five of the best places – or ‘Churrerias’ – to grab some for breakfast or as a delicious snack at any time of day.

1. Churreria el Real, Fuengirola

Churreria el Real is consistently one of the highest-rated Churrerias in Fuengirola, found on the broad market boulevard of Calle Jose Cubero Yiyo.

It’s not a beach-front location, but it’s only a short distance back from Fuengirola’s promenade, and if you’re there on market day there’s plenty of people-watching opportunities.

Expect a light, non-greasy Churro with a thick, hot dipping chocolate sauce – truly the best of both worlds, and well worth discovering this hidden gem for.

2. Casa Aranda, Malaga

Churros with choc sauce
Churros dipped in warm choclate sauce…absolutely delicious!

Casa Aranda, like Churreria el Real, opens its doors early, and you’ll find tourists and locals alike enjoying a breakfast of Churros as the hustle-bustle of the day picks up.

Find it on Calle Herreria del Rey in central Malaga for an authentic taste experience from a Churreria that has been a fixture of the city since February 1932.

3. Churreria ALBA, Ronda

Churros are rounder in Ronda – usually coming in either a crescent shape or a closed loop similar to a pretzel – and are sometimes called Parros here instead.

They’re also often served as more of a savoury snack, with less sweetness in the chocolate sauce too, although you can always add extra sugar if you wish.

Churreria ALBA is one well-respected place to get your Churros in Ronda, located on Carrera Espinel and generally rated highly for both quality and value for money.

4. Churreria Ramon, Marbella

The Spanish enjoy Churros for breakfast, or as a snack

We love Churreria Ramon as much for its setting as for its Churros – found in Marbella’s Plaza de los Naranjos, the ancient hub of the city dating back to 1485 and now named for the orange trees that grow around its fountain.

It’s a perfectly picturesque place to take a break, and with the Churreria opening its doors from 10am onwards, it’s ideal for a mid-morning snack or a delicious lunch.

5. Churreria Parrado, Estepona

Last on our list is Churreria Parrado, just a street away from the beach at Estepona on Calle Real – there’s no sea view, but there’s also no traffic as Calle Real is pedestrianised just here.

Churreria Parrado has served Estepona for half a century and is still family-run, with the chance to watch the Churros being freshly made before you dunk and devour them.

Just be sure to check the opening times before you visit, as Churreria Parrado has been known to keep its doors closed for a well-deserved rest on Saturdays.


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