The Costa del Sol Lakes

Sitting in the departure lounge at Malaga airport I was joined by a young lady who arrived in a wheelchair and was helped into the next seat by a helpful member of the airport staff.

Straight away we started to chat; she was a bright, attractive, cheerful lady, maybe mid 30s, well sun tanned and for all the world she gave me the impression of having, like many do, simply become the victim of an unfortunate holiday accident.

Me being me (extremely nosey), I enquired along these lines only to be informed that in fact she was in fact suffering from Lupos, a degenerative disease which effects the joints.  Having made my apologies for putting for my foot in it and not minding my own business it quickly became apparent that this was a lady who was determined to enjoy life and not be defeated by her circumstances.

She told me she comes to visit her sister every few weeks who lives in the area of the Alora/El Chorro lakes and that the water in the lakes was wonderful turquoise colour and crystal clear and she swam almost on a daily basis.

Alora Lakes

The beautiful lakes in the Alora region of Spain

I had visited the lakes before several years ago, but must admit when the need for water appealed the tendency was always to head to the coast two minutes away.  However, intrigued by her glowing testament I decided to embark on a moped ride from Fuengirola to the lakes to see and explore for myself what I had been missing.

So,  here is how to get there… Fuengirola onto the N340 towards the airport, take the road to Cartama then follow the signs for Pizzaro and then Alora.  The lakes themselves sit all around the area of Alora , El Chorro , and Ardales, you will find them pretty easily.  Google maps will of course help or just do as I did stop and ask and in a few minutes they will come into view.  It took me around 70 minutes from Fuengirola to reach them but it would be quicker in a car.

And what a view!  WOW!  This is a wonderful area to explore, the spectacular mountains the smell of warm pine and the beautiful clear turquoise water.  There are various lakes to explore in the area, all stunningly picturesque.

El Chorro Lakes

Stunning turquoise waters and pine forests

If you are planning to holiday on the Costa and have hired car do yourself a massive favour, leave the coast behind for a day and explore the lakes, you will be glad you did.  Swim in the crystal waters or enjoy tapas in one of the many lakeside bars and restaurants.  The area is totally peaceful, tranquil and totally charming.

I was glad I chatted to the lady at the airport and for sure I will not wait another seven years to go back to the lakes.

Lakes Costa del Sol

El Chorro Lakes are just an hours drive from Fuengirola

Although maybe in a car next time ….it’s a bit of a trek on my little moped!!

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