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Things To Do In Yalikavak

Yalikavak as a holiday destination has always been a hidden gem but the secret is out and more and more holidaymakers are making Yalikavak their destination of choice. As its popularity increases the thirst for knowledge on things to do in Yalikavak is increasing.

The area is spoilt with the perfect climate of clear blue skies, a cooling breeze and warm crystal clear seas. There is a mixture of the old and modern perfectly brought together. The charming fishing harbour dates back centuries whilst the Marina with its Millionaires bar and club is the height of everything that is new. As with any good holiday destination the beaches are clean, there are plenty of bars, restaurants and shops offering a variety that ensure you will never need to visit the same place twice.

Those, however, who are looking for other things to do in Yalikavak will not be disappointed and will find that there are plenty of things to do in Yalikavak.

Scuba Diving in Yalikavak

The rich seas around the coastline of Yalikavak and its neighbouring villages are abundant with Sea life, ancient relics and sunken ships including wrecks from World War 1 and 2. Yalikavak offers something for the experienced diver as well as those who want to try it for the first time. There are Scuba diving centres located in Yalikavak that offer lessons and trips out to the seas of the Turquoise waters. You can even book lessons and obtain all the qualifications you need. Scuba Diving Yalikavak

Horse Riding in Yalikavak

A local company offers horse riding tours in Yalikavak. The trails will take you across the beautiful and impressive countryside that surrounds Yalikavak, through dense forests and where suitable along the golden beaches. The types of horses available to be ridden vary from Arabs, European and Haflingers. The type of horse is suited to the level of experience of the rider to help prevent too many uncomfortable moments. Horse riding lessons are also available. Horse riding Yalikavak  

Jeep Safari Turkey

For those looking for an adrenaline rush and really want to get out onto the trails and hillsides then a Jeep safari is ideal. The tour takes you out to the inspiring Taurus mountains where the views are simply stunning. The roads are rocky and dusty and the guide makes sure everyone is kept on their toes with some friendly banter. There are opportunities to stop off along the way to take pictures and have a refreshing dip in the cooling lagoon. Lunch is obtained from a variety of restaurants that are available along the route. You are picked up from your Holiday Villa between 9 and 10a.m and return between 5 and 6p.m. Jeep Safari Yalikavak

Watersports Yalikavak

Watersports in Yalikavak are abundant. The area is well known for its ideal Windsurfing conditions which are helped by the constant Easterly winds. Those who are at an intermediate level will find it the most beneficial. The hot summer temperatures ensure that heavy wetsuits are not required and even a crash into the sea is a pleasurable experience.

The Watersports in Yalikavak are not just limited to Windsurfing. You can enjoy a whole host of wet and wild experiences such as banana boating, water skiing, sailing, boat trips and jet skiing.

Whatever you are looking for in your Holiday to Yalikavak then there are plenty of things to do in Yalikavak.

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