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Top 5 Kids Luggage

Top 5 kids luggage by Panoramic Villas

Travelling with kids can be a stressful event, packing all their toys for the flight in your hand luggage can add to this stress and also mean that you have no room for things that you need to go in there!  The solution? Buy your children a cabin bag of their own that they can fill with their ‘essential’ action figures, teddy bears and even the odd item of clothing…

Trunki Suitcases – RRP £34.99

Trunki gruffalo luggage for kids

Since the Trunki inventor appeared on the BBC programme Dragon’s Den a few years back this has become the go-to kids suitcase. It is a great design for a number of reasons. Firstly, it is made of strong, sturdy plastic so it can deal with being banged about very well. Secondly, it has wheels so kids don’t have to carry any weight on their back and they can be easily dragged along. Thirdly, kids can sit on them and be pulled along if their legs gets tired which means you don’t have to dawdle in the airport waiting for your children to catch up with you. The Trunki comes in 24 different designs too; anything from Hello Kitty to The Gruffalo so they are great for boys and girls.

Skip Hop Zoo Trolley – RRP £38.00

Skip Hop Zoo Trolley Monkey luggage for kids

These cool kids’ suitcases are great for kids that love animals. They are available in a number of designs, including a ladybird, a monkey and an owl. They can be easily pulled along and they have an extending handle so kids of all sizes can reach it. They also have adult sized backpack straps so if your child gets bored or tired of pulling their own case along you can snatch it up and carry it on your back; very handy! Each bag has a mesh drinks holder that is easily accessible on the side of the bag and it is also wipe-clean so you can keep the case looking fresh, even with grubby little hands around.

Micro 3 in 1 Luggage Scooter Steve Aoki Ltd Edition – £349.95

Micro 3 in 1 luggage scooter for kids

This one is for the kid who has everything. With a hefty price tag this suitcase may be staying on your child’s wish list but it is pretty impressive nevertheless. It was designed by DJ Steve Aoki who likes to fly around airports on his scooter without carrying his luggage around from flight to flight. Not only is it a bag and a mini scooter, it also has inbuilt Bluetooth speakers in it so you can listen to your favourite tunes while you ride! This is really only suitable for older children and teenagers whose parents have more money than sense but we wouldn’t mind a go on one!

GoVinci Trolley – £34.99

GoVinci trolley kids luggage

Another case that doubles up as something else; this time it’s a drawing board for your kid’s artwork. The front of the case can display your child’s latest drawing or be filled with blank paper so your child can doodle while you wait in the airport queues. The case comes in blue or pink and they are easy to wheel. Elastic straps inside the case makes sure things don’t move around in there too much too.

Peppa Pig Backpack – £8.00

Peppa Pig backpack for kids

Let’s face it, Peppa Pig is pretty much God to most under 5s so this backpack will be a hit with younger kids. It isn’t huge but it’s big enough to carry a few essential toys and drawing equipment for the plane journey. The price tag also means that you won’t mind getting a new backpack next year when Peppa is no longer flavour of the month.

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