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Top 5 Vegetarian Restaurants in Fuengirola

Going on holiday if you have special dietary requirements can be troublesome.  If you are a vegetarian dining out at home it’s a lot easier to communicate and ask for variations of meat dishes, or determine which dishes are vegetarian in the first place!  The Spanish traditionally love their meat and fish dishes but there are more and more vegetarian and vegan restaurants popping up for you to choose form as well.  Here is our guide to the best vegetarian restaurants in Fuengirola, on Spain’s Costa del Sol.

Chirimoya Healthy Food Station

Chiromoya Healthy Food Station, Fuengirola

As the name of this restaurant may suggest, this place is all about healthy living and fresh food options.  They do not use any frozen or microwaved produce and none of their dishes contain meat.  There are lots of tasty veggie and vegan options including homemade chickpea burger, risottos, pastas, salads, and wholegrain wheat pizzas with your choice of toppings.  There are also healthy veggie juices and rice milkshakes to drink.

The restaurant is open from 12:00 til 18:00 Tuesday to Sunday so it is really best to call for lunch or an early, informal dinner.  Prices are extremely reasonable, with all dishes under €10.  You can also request variations of the dishes on the menu and create your own pizzas and salads to your liking.

The restaurant is located on Calle Iglesia in Fuengirola.  For full details please visit their website here.


Vegetalia Restaurant, Fuengirola

Vegetalia has been open since 1997, offering tasty food for vegetarians, vegans and those with food intolerances like celiacs and lactose intolerants.

From Monday to Saturday, 12:30 to 16:00 Vegetalia offer a self-service buffet for just €8.75 for adults, or €3.75 for children.  The buffet has a mix of hot and cold dishes ranging from vegetable lasagne, tofu stir fry, quinoa with nuts and seeds and vegetable curry.  There really is something for everyone.  These dishes change on a daily basis depending on what healthy, local produce is available.

The restaurant also offers an evening dining option for private functions or special occasions, by request.  This option is for a minimum of 20 people and the a la carte dining options range from €15 to €18 per person.  There is also a selection of organic wines and beers on offer.  For those wanting to brush up on their vegetarian cooking skills, you can also arrange vegetarian cookery lessons at the restaurant!

Vegatalia is located on Calle Santa Isabel in Los Boliches, Fuengirola.  For full details please visit their website here.

La Libelula Vegan Café

la libelula
La Libelula Vegan Cafe, Fuengirola

La Libelula means ‘dragonfly’ in Spanish and this little gem is just as pretty as a dragonfly, with a beautiful vintage-inspired interior and an outdoor dining terrace as well.  As the name also suggests, this place offers completely vegan food, so there is no dairy or meat in sight.

La Libelula is committed to offering delicious, healthy food with ingredients such as chia seeds, quinoa, hemp, and tofu.  You can order salads, tapas, quesadillas, burgers, soups and desserts, among other things that have been made using the finest ingredients.  They also bake their own artisan breads and cakes using alternative ingredients such as spelt flour.

This restaurant really is different than anything else you will find in Fuengirola.  It is tucked away on Periana Street, behind the Leon Burgot pharmacy.  It is a little difficult to find but it is definitely worth the effort.  The restaurant is open from Tuesday to Sunday and opening hours vary from day to day so please visit their website for more information by clicking here.

The Tropical Hut

topical hut
The Tropical Hut, Fuengirola Marina

Whilst this place is not exclusively a vegetarian restaurant, they serve a good variety of vegetarian options.  Locate right on the marina in Fuengirola, this chilled out café/bar is open daily from 3pm until 11pm, serving food, drinks and Caribbean cocktails with a soundtrack of reggae, salsa and jazz.

The bar serves vegetarian and vegan snacks, soups, salads and more substantial meals like vegetarian chilli or vegetable curries.

The bar is run by an English family who are very welcoming.  If you want a relaxed vegetarian meal and a few drinks for a very reasonable price, this is the place to go.  For more details visit The Tropical Hut’s Facebook page here.

Slow Bar

slow bar
Slow Bar Organic and Vegetarian Restaurant

Situated in the ‘Scandinavian Quarter’ of Fuengirola, this bar and restaurant was opened in 2012 to cater for the growing demand for vegetarian and organic restaurants in Fuengirola.  The owner, Tony believes in using fresh, seasonal, organic produce in all of the dishes he serves.  He does this at a very reasonable price and offers many delicious options for vegetarians and meat eaters alike.

The restaurant has fresh vegetable delivered daily and a macrobiotic vegetarian buffet is served each day at lunchtime.  There is also an ever-changing tapas menu on offer and Scandinavian dishes.  The restaurant has indoor and outdoor dining options and it is open daily for dinner.

The restaurant is located on Avenida Acapulco in Los Boliches.  The restaurant does not currently have a website, so for more details email:

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