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Top Five Free Travel Apps

Top Five Free Apps by Panoramic Villas

Mobile phones are now changing rapidly and offering more and more functions to make our life easier. With an ever increasing number of apps available we decided to give you the heads up on our Top Five Free Travel Apps to take on holiday, you might even find some of these apps useful when you get back home!

5. Yahoo Weather App

Yahoo Weather AppUnfortunately, the weather in the UK is something you certainly can’t rely on. Whereas this handy Yahoo Weather app by Yahoo provides accurate information at your finger tips combined with beautiful seasonal photography from Flicker. Easily swipe for detailed weather information and browse through your favourite locations and add your up and coming holiday destination. Its no surprise this free app won an Apple Design Award in 2013.

Download for free on the iPhone and Android devices.

4. BeFunky Photo Editor App

BeFunky Photo Editor AppHave you taken lots of holiday snaps on your phone and found the results were not quite as you wanted? Take a look at this fantastic free BeFunky Photo Editor app. Unleash your creativity and easily add 1 or more of any 29 different effects to your photos along with a host of powerful editing features; crop, rotate, sharpen, add text and photo frames and more to your photos. Once you’re finished creating your masterpiece you can even share photos instantly. Amazingly, this popular app is free and comes with no ads or limitations… we’re sure you’ll love it!

Download for free on the iPhone and Android devices.

3. Shazam App

Shazam AppDo you ever find yourself listening to some music you like but don’t know what its called? Shazam is a free app that can solve all your problems in one press of a button… Tap the Shazam button and it recognises the music playing nearby and instantly finds the match. Should you wish you can then easily buy the tune, watch the videos on YouTube, listen to the music on Rdio or Spotify and more. You can even Shazam without coverage and when you get connection you’ll find the match! Never struggle to recall who sang a song ever again, just Shazam…its magic!

Download for free on the iPhone and Android devices.

2. Learn Spanish App

Learn Spanish Free AppIf you’re lucky enough to be heading off to Spain this year and your Spanish is hardly fluent then try this fun free app called Learn Spanish Free by Bravolol Limited. It features essential phrases and vocabulary broken down into scenarios for travel and basics, the categories are easy to navigate and each phrase when tapped will provide authentic pronunciation. You can store your favourite phrases and search by English or Spanish, you can also still use this app even if you have no internet connection! Visit the developers website to see a full list of apps for more languages.

Download for free on the iPhone and Android devices.

1. Units Plus App

Units Plus Free AppIf you’re unsure on the currency conversion of sterling to euros or any other unit conversion, you will find this helpful free Units Plus app invaluable. Simply convert any of the 12 categories; area, currency, data, fuel – mileage, length, power, pressure, speed, temperature, time, volume or weight into a unit of measurement that you are familiar with. The currency exchange rates cover 155 currencies which are updated every 5 minutes, these are downloaded and updated daily and the data for this is a very small 1-2kb. A simple but effective app especially when spending in a foreign currency.

Download for free on the iPhone.

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