Travelling to Malaga in Peak Season

I flew to Spain this morning for my friend’s wedding in Marbella in 2 days time. I have to say I wasn’t looking forward to Travelling to Malaga in Peak Season with the endless airport queues and screaming kids that the school holidays bring! 

Not only that but I was flying with low budget airline Ryan Air which always fills me with dread. So what would it be like flying to Malaga on possibly the busiest week of the year with the UKs most budget airline.

Well for a start flying with Ryan Air from Manchester Airport means that you leave from Terminal 3. I was slightly disappointed with this as its smaller and there are less places to blow money before I board but this was actually a blessing as there were no queues, either checking in or getting through security. I’m sure the same could not be said for terminals 1 and 2 as they are bedlam even in quieter periods.

However, it wasn’t all plain sailing. My first problem with Ryan Air occurred at check in. Despite paying £30 each way for a piece of hold baggage the allowance is only 15kg (compared with at least 20kg for other low cost airlines.) I didn’t pack an excessive amount but with a laptop, my bridesmaid gear and toiletries and clothes for 5 days I was over my allowance. So shuffling around of shoes and various other items went on and my handbag ended up weighing about 6kg but my case was now on the weight limit so I was free to go. I never understand how shifting weight from one bag to another makes any difference as the plane still ends up carrying the same one way or another?

My flight was only delayed by 15 minutes but the flight gate wasn’t announced until the last minute so hundreds of people rushed to join the endless queue for boarding as (problem number 2 with Ryanair) you don’t get allocated seats so it’s first come, first served. One of the advantages of travelling alone is that I didn’t care who I sat next to (unless it was a screaming child or an alcoholic) so I sat down until the queue died down. We ended up leaving late but actually arrived in Malaga 10 minutes early. To be honest once you are on the plane Ryan Air are no better or worse than any other low cost airline once you are on-board apart from the annoying lack of a seat pocket for your magazines and other bits!

I whizzed through security at Malaga, excited about meeting my friends who had landed a few minutes before from Liverpool and Gatwick. Pity I had to wait 50 minutes for my bag to arrive! Ah well, luckily my lift (my dad!) was there to whisk us off for a 1 Euro pint of San Miguel and a Spanish omelette on Fuengirola Marina! This is why I love Spain!   View our Villa Rentals on the Costa Del Sol and enjoy some of that sunshine and good living your self: Costa del Sol Villas

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