Turkey Yalikavak

Turkish Night at Sofis Restaurant, Yalikavak

Having dined at Sofis Restaurant (and spent afternoons guzzling cocktails there) we decided to try out their ‘Turkish Night’ held every Thursday evening.  We were always impressed with the food and the friendly service in this beachfront eatery in the centre of Yalikavak and it sounded like good fun!

The Turkish night takes place on the beach where the tables are normally laid out for evening service.  The only difference is that there is a large buffet table and BBQ there as well to serve the evening’s delicious food.  The Turkish night is really popular and gets booked up quickly so make sure you book your tickets n advance.  You can pop in and buy them off the bar staff at any time.

Included in the cost of your ticket is a buffet starter of fresh mezzes and salads, a main course of barbecued meats and sides, and an evening of traditional Turkish entertainment.  The food is good quality (as it always is here) and there is plenty of it.  Drinks are not included but waiters are always on hand to fill up your wine glass and you may need a few drinks if you get picked for audience participation!

The entertainment kicks off with fire breathing, knife swallowing and walking on a bed of nails!  Audience members are asked to come and stand on top the stomach of the entertainer while he lies on the nails which certainly make the audience cringe!  You can even give it a go yourself if you are feeling brave.

Next up is a performance of traditional Turkish dancing by young people.  The girls and boys are in typical Turkish dress and the dances range from gentle folk-like pieces to high energy dances with swords clashing and sparks flying.  It’s really impressive stuff and the dancers all look like they are having a great time.

The last act is a belly dancer complete with a HUGE python that she produces from a basket and proceeds to wrap around her (very toned) body.  If you don’t like snakes you can stay well away when she brings around to your table for a pet.  The belly dancing takes a humorous turn when men from the audience are coaxed up to give it a go.  Needless to say it doesn’t have quite the same effect as the very flexible lady wiggling her hips!

The Turkish night is great value and really entertaining.  If you don’t want to participate you don’t have to so don’t be afraid of being dragged up belly dancing!  It’s a relaxing way to watch the entertainment as you are just sat at your table enjoying your meal with your own party.  The food is tasty and it really does provide fun for all the family.

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