Villa holidays: things to do in Corfu

What’s the best part of going away on holiday? For some it’s the relaxation and the chance to kick back and forget their hectic lives at home. For others it’s a chance to experience something new. Lots of us like to explore and take in the atmosphere and the culture of the place we’re visiting. If you want to sit by your villa holiday pool, that’s fine by us too. That’s the beauty of villa holidays: they allow you to do what you like when you like. Villa holidays offer freedom and flexibility. But, if you are going to rent a holiday villa in Corfu, or are at least thinking about it, we would strongly recommend that you get out and about and see some of the wonderful sights the island has to offer. Corfu has something to offer everyone, young or old, active or passive. Here are a few suggestions for starters: you can add your own to the list when you get there.

Things to do on your Corfu villa holiday

  • Wander around the pretty streets of Corfu Town’s old quarter and marvel at its Venetian buildings and famous old forts.
  • Find peace and quiet in the deserted ‘ghost village’ of Perithia, between Kassiopi and Acharavi: the perfect place to get out your camera for some rustic snapshots.
  • See Medusa, the famous Greek mythological villain with snakes for hair, on the Gorgon Pediment, a huge carving at Corfu Town’s Archaeological Museum.
  • Savour a cool drink at the top of Mount Pantokrator: whether you’ve driven through mountain villages or hiked up the mountain, the views will make it worthwhile.
  • Enjoy the beautiful interiors, gardens and amazing sea views at the Achilleon Palace, near Gastouri: a great outing even if you’re not that sold on history.
  • Pretend you’re in ancient Japan with a visit to the Asiatic Arts museum, in Corfu Town, and marvel at the unique collection of items from the Far East.
  • See where Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, was born at Mon Repos villa, just outside Corfu Town.
  • Stroll along the Spianada in Corfu Town; a public square and park where you can occasionally catch a game of cricket.
  • Stumble across a Greek village festival, with dancing, food and live music.
  • Spend the day at Paleokastritsa, Corfu’s most important beauty spot, with three turquoise bays backed by green hills and inviting seafood tavernas in the town centre
  • Get a taste of the real Greece, with the island’s specialities of cheesy Pastitsada, a beef version of our macaroni cheese, the hot and spicy fish dish, Burdeto and the flavoursome Sofrito, which is lamb or veal seasoned with garlic, vinegar and parsley.
  • Snack on little appetisers like Keftedes, spicy meatballs, Potopoulo, chicken portions and wild vegetables tossed in oil and lemon juice, Try dipping them into fishy Taramasalata and cooling Tzatziki.
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