Wi-Fi in Holiday Homes

Gone are the days when people wanted to leave the internet and their computer behind whilst on holiday. The arrival of mobile internet devices such as iPads, tablets and mobile phones and the huge popularity of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram mean that people want to be connected to Wi-Fi whether they are on holiday or not. For some people the thought of not being able to update their status daily, load pictures of themselves by the pool or tweet about what they have been up to on holiday is unthinkable. Having Wi-Fi in your villa is no longer a luxury but a necessity if you want to attract holidaymakers into your holiday home.

On the Costa del Sol one company that has tapped into this need for a 24/7 internet connection is Wi-Fi Blue. Wi-Fi Blue can install a transmission system that does not need a landline to bring the internet into your home. There is no messy installation or expensive charges and you don’t pay any line rental. If your home is based between Torremolinos and Calahonda on the Costa del Sol then Wi-Fi Blue can provide your home with internet services.

Best of all, once they have installed one of their reasonable priced Wi-Fi antennas holidaymakers staying in your home simply need to log onto their website to purchase however much credit they need to get online and stay online. They can top this up at any time during their stay and they can use the Wi-Fi with any number of devices at once. It doesn’t cost you, the homeowner a penny after the initial (very reasonably priced) installation.

So if you want your home to be one of the most rentable homes on the Costa del Sol get in touch with Wi-Fi Blue and get your internet up and running NOW! It can make the difference between people wanting to stay in your villa or the one next door. After all, people cannot live without sharing every moment of their lives on social media sites these days!

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