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90/180 Day Tourist Turkey VISA Changes

90/180 Day Tourist Turkey Visa Charges - Travel Guide by Panoramic Villas

90/180 Day Tourist Turkey VISA Changes. Just when you thought you fully understood the 90/180 day Tourist VISA Turkey rules the goal posts are moved and you are left with a whole new challenge.

The simple bit is that a tourist VISA to gain entry into Turkey costs just 10GBP. The slightly trickier piece of information to understand was the fact that your 90/180 day VISA rule was calculated on your arrival date in Turkey. This left you getting the calculator and calendar out to work out when you needed to leave the country before your VISA expired.

Istanbul Airport security staff
Istanbul Airport security staff

There has recently been a change to this ruling although it has not been well advertised and has in fact been snuck in under the radar. Whilst the British and Turkish consulates haven’t issued any directives the border controls across Turkey have been following this new ruling since the 18th of October 2013.

This new ruling now states that the 90/180 Tourist VISA rule is now calculated from your departure date and not your arrival date.

90/180 day VISA rule is calculated from your departure day and not your arrival date
90/180 day VISA rule is calculated from your departure day and not your arrival date

This basically means that you can not go past 90 days in Turkey within the previous 180 days from the date of your departure from the country. Which in simpler terms still means you can only have 90 days out of 180 in the country but the way you calculate it has changed.

Turkey VISA passport stamps - calculate your days from your departure date
Turkey VISA passport stamps – calculate your days from your departure date

The best way to carry out the calculation is to count backwards from the date you leave Turkey e.g. the date you depart! Just count back 180 days and highlight how many days you actually spent in Turkey. As long as you keep the amount of days you spent in Turkey 90 or under then you will be fine.

If you have exceeded the 90 days then you can face a ban from entering Turkey for a certain amount of days or a fine.

If you haven’t used all your 90 days then you can obviously return to Turkey and use those days left over within the 180.

This isn’t just the Turkish government being awkward and changing for change sake. They are actually brining the procedures in-line with European law and following something called the Schengen VISA Rules.

Unfortunately, you can’t get round the system by purchasing another VISA and coming back into the country. If you have used your 90 days out of 180 then you will have to wait another 90 days before you can re-enter the country.

Realistically this ruling will not affect the majority of Holidaymakers who in general are only looking to spend a few weeks in the warm summer sunshine. This ruling is aimed at those who spend a lot of time in Turkey months at a time.

Those who do spend a lot of time may wish to look at registering for a Turkish Residency permit.  You can apply for a VISA online but this is more expensive and we recommend just following the normal VISA procedures at the airport.

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New Visa e visa from 10/4/2014 90 days out of 180 as before but ! As I understand it the fee is payable in dollars and varies from country to country,as is the amount of time granted in Turkey. Please note some countries can only obtain a single month visa, not multi entry.
For UK it is $20 about £12:50 and currency loading fee and card usage fees which vary and can add £5:00 to the amount.
Be careful to only use the offical turkish web site or you could pay double the amount.
As far as I am aware only Mastercard and Visa are accepted.
Bon voyage, Philip Dinham

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