BioNatura Organic Store, Marbella

The benefits of ‘eating clean’ and choosing fresh, organic produce have never been shouted about more than now.  Yet sometimes, when we go on holiday, healthy eating can fall by the wayside.  Part of the reason for this is that it can be hard to find shops that sell organic produce.  BioNatura organic store in Marbella solves this problem.

BioNatura have two very well established shops on the Costa del Sol.  Their Fuengirola store has been open for 19 years and the Marbella store has been there for 14 years.  For more information on the Fuengirola shop, click here.

The founder of BioNatura, Jose Miguel, is so passionate about organic produce that he even has his own certified garden where he grows seasonal fruit and vegetables including things like spinach, parsley, leeks, onions, peppers, potatoes and tomatoes.  This produce goes straight from the garden or greenhouse to the stores so they are as fresh as they get.

BioNatura Organic Store, Marbella
BioNatura Organic Store, Marbella

BioNatura not only sells fruit and veg.  You can buy a whole range of healthy products here including organic meats, healthy cooking oils like coconut and almond oil, vitamins and supplements, organic wines and even household and baby products.

BioNatura are an ethical business that always ensures that local farmers are paid fairly for their produce so you can shop there with a clear conscience.

You can find BioNatura at Calle Félix Rodríguez source. EDF. Berrocal.  The store is open Minday to Friday from 10am to 7pm and on Saturdays from 10am to 2pm.

So, if you are staying one of our villas in Marbella or an apartment nearby and you want to ensure that you are eating wholesome, healthy food, make sure you pay BioNatura a visit.

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