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CrossFit: Keeping You Fit in 2014

CrossFit - Keeping you fit in 2014 by Panoramic Villas

If you have overindulged over the festive period and want to get yourself into shape in 2014 why not try out CrossFit, the new fitness craze sweeping the globe.

So, what is CrossFit? This video should give you a good idea…

For more detailed information visit the official CrossFit website.

To help explain the benefits of CrossFit and give you more of an idea how CrossFit can benefit you we had a chat with Karl Wall, the owner and founder of CrossFit Elviria on Spain’s Costa del Sol.

How did you get into CrossFit? How long have you been doing it for?

A friend of mine Pete Collins came to visit me from the UK. We went down to the local gym and because I had been personal training for 5 years telling people what to do, I told Pete to choose the workout and tell me what to do. He told me it would only take a few minutes after the warm up. Sounded good to me, a nice easy workout! How wrong could I be. It was one of the fastest, hardest sessions I have ever done. It was amazing. What was it called, what exercises did it consist off? I cannot tell you. All I wanted to do after pulling myself off the floor was get home and have a bath! Everyone knows their first ever WOD (Work Out of the Day.) I don’t. Pete came over about 3 years ago. Once he left I read up a lot on CrossFit but still didn’t program it in to my workouts with clients, I thought it was too intense for them. It wasn’t until I completed my CrossFit level one course that I found out that you could scale the workouts for any age or fitness level.

What do you love most about the sport?

The sport is amazing as it’s so addictive. Every single workout tests your body in different ways. You can never second guess what the workout will be. It’s constantly varied, stopping any boredom at all setting in. I have also been members of several gyms over the years. I can count on one hand the name of people that I have talked to in them. CrossFit is also a community where everyone gets to know each other, which in turn helps you in your training. CrossFit is one of the only places I have trained where the last person gets the biggest cheer.

How long has you gym/box been going for?

CrossFit Elviria opened on the 9th Sept 2013.

CrossFit Elviria logoHow often are the classes/sessions at your gym?

Being a new box we offer CrossFit sessions on Monday-Friday 09:30-10:25, 17:50-18:45 & 19:00-20:00 Tuesday & Thursday 10:30-11:25 and Saturday 10:00. We are constantly offering our athletes new timings depending on their needs. In early 2014 we also aim to offer CrossFit yoga/pilates sessions once a week.

What nutritional advice can you offer people trying to shape up in the New Year?

CrossFit athletes like to follow a combination of the Paleo & Zone diet. Avoiding processed foods is always a good start.

Are new members always welcome at your gym?

New members are always welcome to the CrossFit Elviria box. If you’re currently a CrossFitter you can jump into any of the above sessions mentioned. If you’re new to CrossFit we ask all new members to attend our CrossFit “On Ramp” course. This is six one hour sessions run over two weeks. Here you will learn all the basic CrossFit movements. If you have a fitness background we have run express courses still covering all the movements but running over one week instead of two weeks. The courses are normally run in groups but again we can do a one on one private “On Ramp” course. Please just ask. You can even fit the On Ramp course into your holiday with Panoramic Villas.

New to CrossFit? Why not try the CrossFit 'On Ramp' course
New to CrossFit? Why not try the CrossFit ‘On Ramp’ course
The 'On Ramp' 6x1 hour courses teach all the basic CrossFit movements
The ‘On Ramp’ 6×1 hour courses teach all the basic CrossFit movements
Try the CrossFit 'On Ramp' course while on holiday
Try the CrossFit ‘On Ramp’ course while on holiday

What could you offer people that are perhaps on a 1 week or 2 week holiday in terms of an introduction to CrossFit?

See my answer above. I also offer personal training sessions if you prefer that. Charges are 55 Euros per hour, or 10 sessions for 500 Euros. It’s a great way to boost your fitness while you are away. It’s also much more enjoyable working out in the sunshine!

Why do you think CrossFit is so popular?

CrossFit is currently taking the world by storm and the results are amazing. The people are amazing and the coaches are experienced and know their stuff. People see CrossFit as an enjoyable part of their day, not just another trip to the gym. We give free taster sessions for all to try. 99% sign up on the “On Ramp” course. CrossFit is still very new to Europe. I still think it’s got a lot more to offer and I can only see it increasing in size.

Have you got any success stories you can share with us?

Please visit and see our testimonials.

If you had to describe CrossFit in one word what would it be?


What exercises can people do on holiday to keep themselves in shape?

Well for me if I have no access for a gym I’d search the web site and see if there is a CrossFit affiliation near the location I’m visiting. If there is nothing nearby I would run, swim & skip (skipping rope required). Squats, Push Up’s, Sit Ups, Pull Up & Burpees (My Favourite) in a small circuit can be done anywhere with great results.

A simple circuit you can do is 1 x Squat, 1 x Push Up, 1 x Sit Up, 1 x Pull Up, 1 x Burpee. Then do 2 x Squat, 2 x Push Up, 2 x Sit Up, 2 x Pull Up, 2 x Burpee. Then 3,4,5……..9,10. Get to as many as you can manage!

Can holidaymakers carry on with CrossFit when they get home?

If holiday makers come to the CrossFit Elviria box and do the “On Ramp” course, they can then return to their home town and tell their local box they have gone through an “on Ramp” course at CrossFit Elviria. Most box owners will let them join in a CrossFit session and see how that individual moves and then assess the situation from there.

If you would like more information about CrossFit Elviria please click here to speak to Karl. At Panoramic Villas we can provide you with the perfect base for your fitness holiday so contact us if you would like to discuss this.

To view our properties on the Costa del Sol close to CrossFit Elviria click here.

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