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Panoramic Villas – Quality of Service

Quality Villas and Service from Panoramic Villas

Panoramic Villas pride ourselves on our Quality of Service to both the holidaymakers who book with us as well as the owners whose properties we represent. We care about what we do which is why we go further to make private holiday home rental for all our customers both easy and enjoyable.  

Holidaymakers Rest Assured. You Are Not the Only Ones Selecting with Care

Panoramic Villas allows you to book with peace of mind as we only advertise quality villas
Panoramic Villas allows you to book with peace of mind as we only advertise quality villas

At Panoramic Villas we take a pride in supplying you, our valued clients, with quality properties owned by people of integrity. That’s why, unlike most of our competitors we endeavour to personally visit and to get to know our properties and their owners.

That’s why, when you return from your vacation we will send you a survey the annual results of which determine the properties and the owners we wish to represent for the following season. If our client satisfaction surveys tell us we should not be listing a property or dealing with its owner, we will refrain from doing so.

Every season we remove a number of properties of our own volition. This is purely because our client’s expectations and our own high standards of integrity have not been met.

Unlike most of our competitors Panoramic Villas do not simply take an annual advertising fee for listing any and all properties on our website. This philosophy is based purely on volume, the more properties you are able to add to your website (good or bad) the more money you make… simple.

Panoramic Villas philosophy is very different… If our clients don’t like the property and we have worries about the owner… We will not advertise the property.

Panoramic Villas strive to do better by actually being better and by offering our clients the best possible service and caring about what we do and who we represent.

Villa Owners – We Are Looking to Add Quality Villas to Our Website

House character with megaphone - Panoramic Villas are looking to add more quality villasAre you also looking for a better booking agent to represent your home?

We constantly hear of:

Owners waiting and waiting to be paid by the agents who represent their properties.

Accounting principles which are hard if not impossible to comprehend.


At Panoramic we will never be late paying you, every Penny every Euro and every Dollar we owe you will be paid to you on time every single month, no waiting for the season end and NO guests arriving in your home until you have received your monies in full.

At Panoramic our online systems and communication are simple and completely transparent you can check your bookings any time of day or night and see exactly when monies are being paid to you.

As the property owner we expect a lot from you. Excellent standards and complete integrity, you have a right to expect the same from us.

Feel free to speak to ANY of the owners who’s properties we represent or read the reviews on our website.


Why not email of phone for further details.

Recent Property Evaluation:

After being contacted by an owner who was looking to advertise their property we sent one of our agents round for a property evaluation as we constantly strive to ensure high standards for the properties and owners we represent through our site.

The concluding report from the visit highlighted certain issues that would certainly have been missed had a personal visit not been made, 2 of these issues are highlighted below:

The furnishings, beds/ bedding and overall decor is not commensurate with the standards clients would expect for an apartment at these prices

The property is clearly up for sale, hence the large sign attached to the front

As a result of the report the property was not added to the Panoramic Villas website.  Can this be said of advertising websites where no such visits or safeguards are put in place?

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