Passport and Entry requirements in Turkey

If you have booked your holiday in Turkey or if you are thinking of going there this year we have an important update for you regarding entry into the country. The UK foreign office have updated their entry procedures to make people aware that on entry to Turkey you must have a completely blank page available in your passport for the Turkish entry visa and stamp.

After 31st December 2012 if you do not have a blank page in your passport you will be refused entry to Turkey. This also applies to other countries so please check with the relevant embassies. This comes on top of confusions surrounding the 90 in 180 day visas where many seem to have had problems at customs with officials ignorant of the rules or calculating stays incorrectly, many tourists have been charged for new visas when they are unnecessary and in some cases invalid and many have been fined for overstays after getting wrong advice from officials at ports of entry. So please people, plan your trip to Turkey very carefully, check your passport pages, make notes of your arrival and departure days, start and finish days of you 90 in 180 days visas and keep a calculator handy!

Entry Requirements – Passport Validity & Space for Visa Stamp

You must hold a valid passport to enter Turkey. Your passport must be valid for a minimum period of six months from the date of entry into Turkey and have at least three months validity from the date you are exiting Turkey.

After 31st December 2012 all foreign (including British) passport holders will be refused entry to Turkey if their passport does not have a blank page for the entry visa and entry/exit stamps.

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